Maho Makes the List

Maho Makes the List

Maho Bay recently made the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice List for top 25 beaches worldwide!  Landing at number 18 amidst some pretty incredible places in Greece, Aruba, Italy and Turks & Caicos (to name a few), Maho is putting St. John on the map thanks to reviews from travelers like you!

Three years ago this week, Hurricane Irma devastated this little slice of paradise, now ranked the number one activity on St. John on TripAdvisor.  Mother Nature and community efforts have done their parts over the years to bring Maho back…And here’s what people are saying:

“Not even crystal is as clear as the water in Maho Bay.”

“Went with my 18 year old daughter and her friend. Beach was pristine, parking relatively easy, and once in the water, we saw over 12 turtles across the bay in the space of an hour, two sting rays, and some barracuda.  Loved it – and with all the turtles, it was one of the major highlights of our trips!”

“Maho is one of the prettiest beaches on St. John. The water is aqua blue and calm and you can float for hours or snorkel to see the sea turtles munching on sea grass.”

“This beach is absolutely stunning. Crystal clear water, no waves, and easy entry.”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review about Maho!  What’s your favorite St. John beach experience?

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  1. Special memories. Where I said my vows at that little beach. The little shack or as we called it, our little beach house was there. Forever my favorite

  2. I discovered Mano back in the early 80’s. The best! Have not been back since 2014 so I suspect things have changed. These “Best” lists can be a curse so I wouldn’t be promoting it.

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