Maho Bay is Officially Open!!

Maho Bay Monday afternoon
Maho Bay Monday afternoon

Today wasn’t the easiest day on island in terms of conveniences. Power first went out around 11:30 a.m. It came back about an hour or two later, and then went out again for a bit. AT&T cell service was down most of the day, as was the internet. I found myself staring at my dog more than I hoped – lol.

My phone was charging around 6:30 p.m. when I heard – ding! An email came through … how exciting. But do you know why this particular ding was beyond exciting? It was the content of the email that came through. “Maho Bay Beach Reopens,” the subject read. Woohoo!!!!!

(Before I continue, I would like to thank Murray Shoemaker for bringing such joy to my night tonight. Maho Bay is my favorite place in the word. Murray is the current spokesman for the Virgin Islands National Park. Thanks for the great news Murray. It’s the little things in life. 🙂 )

Ok, now on to the details about Maho…

Murray and I have been chatting for the past few days, and he assured me that the Park was working tirelessly to reopen Maho. I stopped by the beach on Monday, and so much progress had been made. Both of the structures on the western side of the beach had been removed, and a barrier was being built around the restrooms that slid off the foundation during Irma. Honestly, the place looks great compared to how it did right after Irma. It’s still not perfect, but progress is definitely being made.

The structures have been removed.
The structures have been removed.
A barrier was being built around the restrooms Monday.
A barrier was being built around the restrooms Monday.
The parking area has been cleared.
The parking area has been cleared.

“It doesn’t look quite the same since most of the structures were damaged beyond repair and had to be removed, but the beach itself is open for recreational use,” acting superintendent Darrell Echols said in the email.

Divers checked the swim area for underwater debris and cleared what they found, the release stated. The recreational buoys used for moorings have also been inspected. A few have red flags on them signaling that they need additional inspection and repair. The rest are ready for use.

Maho is the fifth beach to officially reopen following Hurricane Irma. The National Park has reopened Maho, Hawksnest, Honeymoon, Trunk and Cinnamon so far. And I’m pretty certain that the next beach they’re going to work on is Francis.

So do you know what this all means? It means that I’m going to grab a cooler and a beach chair, and park myself at Maho tomorrow … who wants to join me??!!

15 thoughts on “Maho Bay is Officially Open!!”

  1. HOORAY! You made my day too! Will be there on Sunday. Keep the cooler full and have three more chairs! Hoping to bring some tourist dollars to the island!

  2. thx for the update. my bride said ‘i do’ on Maho 21 years ago and we have coming
    back yearly. physically it’s changed but memories will always be there for us.
    see you in May.

  3. More great news!!! We are pretty much living vicariously through you right now Jenn. LOL. Wish we could meet you at Maho instead of being stuck here in cold and windy NJ! Making plans to come back around March/April. Absolutely can not wait! Could use some island in our lives STAT!! Haha. Enjoy your beach day Jenn! Soak up some rays for us too!!

  4. What we loved about St.John is finding shade from the sun under the trees………no beach was ever “littered” with umbrellas that we saw. We understand and accept that is days gone by. But if the NPS finds interest, maybe they’d start a campaign for those inclined to pay for a tree restoration on Maho and other beaches that need it ?????? Just a thought………for future generations.

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