Maho Bay: countdown to closing

These are the final hours of Maho Bay Campground.

Stanley Selengut’s lease expires at the end of June and the last guests at the eco-resort are expected leave tomorrow. And St. John may be the loser.  He told the St. John Source that “Maho’s closure will cost the territory … $20 million in lost revenue” from the some 12,000 guests a year.

For a few weeks, the Maho Bay Blog has been showing a countdown clock, which you can see here.

The blog also ironically links to a (recent?) video segment on Kathie Lee and Hoda touting Maho Bay as a great place for a family vacation or even a getaway without the kids.

The best part of the piece, thought the Inquiring Iguana, was when either Kathie Lee or Hoda said, “St. Johns is gorgeous .”  Duh!

Selengut has not yet announced the logistics of closing down the resort. He and his staff have to dispose of millions of dollars’ worth of linens, furnishings, and equipment.  It could be the world’s largest garage sale.

Selengut’s not leaving the island.  He owns Harmony Resort and Concordia Eco-Resort, both of which are near Maho.

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  1. I was just thinking of maho bay camp.What did they do with the land? Maho was a great place to camp.. my kids loved it. The island lost so much when THEY CLOSED MAHO!!!!!! We can’t keep on taking away from our kids.What a loss.

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