Maho Bay coconut trees to be removed

image from upload.wikimedia.orgThe National Park Service is going to remove dangerous coconut trees from around the Maho Bay Pavilion and parking areas.  The work is scheduled for Thursday, according to the St. John Source.

According to a news release, the Park Service says the trees are too big.  Their maintenance is difficult because many are taller than the power lines which makes harvesting coconuts or trimming their fronds risky. 

And because the trees are big and old, those nuts are big and dangerous. “Coconuts falling from this height can seriously hurt or kill someone and, of coyest also damage a car," the Source said.

Younger, smaller, coconut trees and sea grape trees will be planted where mature coconuts are removed.

12 thoughts on “Maho Bay coconut trees to be removed”

  1. They aren’t native palms anyway. They were brought in because our scrawny little native ones aren’t as exciting as the ones people come to expect from tropical locales. I say no biggie.

  2. And it was Uncle Laurance who paid to bring them in because our scrawny little native ones never really made a comeback after the land was cleared for sugar plantations centuries ago.

  3. They started work on Wed — taped off pavilion and parking area on Wed. Noisy while sitting on beach. A shame the Park Service wasn’t able to acquire Maho Bay Campground — wonder who all that prime acreage is going to??

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