Maho Bay Camps get 18 month reprieve

"The Maho landowners have just extended the lease through June of 2013," according to Stanley Selengut, Maho's founder.

Maho Bay, St. John, USVI

(Image courtesy of  Arkntina)

"I agreed to this with great relief. This last lease extension will offer everyone an opportunity to enjoy Maho for two more winter seasons."

But, this is the last short-term deal, he says.  Partly, because Selengut has big, unspecified, plans.

"We will either get a long-term lease which will allow for some wonderful capital improvements and investment in new technologies or close at the end of the lease in June 2013."

The anxiety about possibly having to close up shop after this winter season was wearing on many people, Selengut said.  The extension gives everybody time to plan, and breathe.

"This additional year means a great deal to our guests, staff, and the Island of St. John. It means that we all get extra time to do or redo some of our most favorite things."

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  1. No, Really…. This time i mean it…. This is the last time we get an extension…..really…….come on believe me….this time I mean it……

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