Maho – 1 in a million!

While some people in Conn. are still without power nine days after the unusual October snowfall, they're having the same kind of problem at Maho Bay.  

The cause, however is not snow – now THAT would be news!  It's lightning.

According to the Blog of Maho , the eco-resort's phones and Internet have been off line since Friday morning when a violent thundestorm sent shafts of lighting earthward. 

"According to NOAA, the odds of being hit by lightning are about 1/1,000,000," the blog reported. "One staff member came dangerously close during this storm – the lightning came through the tent and struck the bed, just a matter of inches away from where he was sleeping."

So, if you've been trying to make or check on a reservation at Maho, patience.  Use e-mail [email protected] – it's working.

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