Luxury condos okayed for Bordeaux Mountain

“Speechless” is the way Sharon Coldren felt when she learned the VI government gave its approval to plans for 16 luxury townhouses on land overlooking Coral Bay.  Coldren is president of the Coral Bay Community Council.  “(The project) was unanimously opposed by the local community,” she told the St. John Source

Coldren called the approval of Bordeaux Mountain Villas by the Planning and Natural Resources Department a very “sad occurrence.” One of her primary concerns is that storm water will runoff from the hills into Coral Bay.

This promotional photo for the project is from its Web site: http://www.bordeauxmountainestates.com.

The Planning Commissioner issued a news release saying the Commission’s action took into account local concerns to “(balance) environmental concerns with the developer’s legal rights.”  Read the Source story at http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1212899989

8 thoughts on “Luxury condos okayed for Bordeaux Mountain”

  1. This is a real shame. The views of the mountain need to remain as they are. After three years of living on St John most of the year, my breath is still a hush when I round those curves. We need to leave it alone.


  3. Since our first visit in the 80’s, we have been vacationing with our friends, who now own in St. John, almost yearly and sometimes more frequently. Over the years we have visited other islands, but we find that the pristine St. John beaches, the friendly people and the beautiful views always bring us back. We then wonder why we went elsewhere in the first place. Duh!! We all expect to see a certain amount of development, as the years pass by, but with all of the high density development in Cruz Bay and all around the island, it especially saddens me to hear about the Bordeax Mt. project. It appears that developers have it “in the bag” when it comes to building anywhere on the island. As long as the developers have deep pockets, connections and can show that the project will increase tax revenue, then the development takes priority over the concerns of the citizens. With the problems that have faced other large developments, I certainly hope that this developer will not have these kinds of problems. We can only hope… Perhaps, it wouldn’t be so bad to see the developments, if only St. John would benefit directly by these tax revenues and were able to use the funds for St. John roads, other improvements and the needs of St. John citizens rather than being “put in a pot” in St. Thomas. Unfortunately, the government sees this lovely island as the golden goose. Their message seems to be loud and clear, “Keep that development money coming!”

  4. We were just on the island for 17 days after an absence of 7 years. We saw a lot of changes from our previous trips to St. John in the 90’s. The condos all over Cruz Bay are overwhelming. There’s more than enough accomodations on the island! And what about water and the septics? I highly recommend that those who can fight it ASAP. It will be an environmental disaster.
    All the development will be a deterrent to tourism. Visitors DO NOT want to see and hear construction all over the island. We saw plenty. We have enough of that here at home. People come to St. John for peace and quiet and unspoiled atmosphere. There was WAY TOO MUCH construction on the island. Just say “NO” to the Bordeaux Mountain Condo plan!

  5. If you don’t like it, and want to “leave it alone,” then you can buy the land from the people that own it and preserve it. And pay the outrageous taxes on it. And receive nothing for owning it. That sounds like what you want them to do. Or you want to “limit” what they can do while you live on your 1/4 acre in your oversized house. Those that already have their “piece of paradise” tend to screech the loudest. It’s happening all over America. Nobody likes overdevelopment, and certain steps should be taken to prevent environmental problems, but as long as someone develops within the Law, c’est la vie. If there is corruption and incompetence within the “system,” expose it and prosecute it to the fullest. Get the Trust or the NPS to buy the land. But don’t dream for a minute you somehow have a right to prevent someone from using their property under existing laws and procedures.

  6. I have been visiting STJ since the early 90’s. Over the years it has become apparent that “the powers that be” will not be satisfied until STJ looks like STT. The greed that has overcome the island in the name of tourism will work against the island eventually. Most travelers come to STJ because of it’s serenity and pristine qualities. The ruination of these elements has already begun. It has effected a change in the type of traveler seeking the island. It saddens me greatly to see the negative changes. Developers seem to have no concern for the current residents, and the once charming animal population – is now a nuisance. Sad, so very sad. My visits to STJ are fewer now. It is too heartbreaking to see the negative impact of the large developments on the island.


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