Lots Happening at Joe’s Rum Hut!

New Rum Hut Bar July 2019 The view from the new Rum Hut

Hello everyone and happy Monday! We have great news to share with you all today!

For those of you who have been lucky enough to be on island lately, you’ve likely noticed lots of work happening over at Joe’s Rum Hut. Well today, we are happy to spread the news that one of your favorite Caribbean beach bars is getting closer to reopening. And even better, the place looks great!

Now I do not know an exact reopening date, but I can say with 99.99 percent confidence that it will be this year. I truly believe it will reopen within the next 90 days or sooner, but that’s just my opinion. Fingers crossed!

Walking past the Rum Hut, you will see that there are two new poured concrete bars, which means that if we get another storm, those bars are staying put. You can also see that new bathrooms have been installed inside the back bar area, which is such fantastic news. No more stinky parking lot bathrooms at Wharfside… yahoo! There is also some beautiful stonework happening on site too. All in all, the Rum Hut is starting to look great. We are so happy about that! Check out some pics:

New front bar New front bar
New interior bar and bathroom area New interior bar and bathroom area
Work is happening! Work is happening!
Beautiful new stonework Beautiful new stonework

Looks great, doesn’t it??!

Now I know your next question is, well what about The Beach Bar? I can tell you that both the owners of The Beach Bar and the owner of Wharfside Village are working diligently to get that space reopened. But it’s going to take time. We will provide more details on that when we have details to share.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress over at the Rum Hut. In the meantime, picture yourselves sipping a nice cold drink on one of these chairs with your toes in the sand… Happy Monday everyone.

Chairs Rum Hut July 2019

14 thoughts on “Lots Happening at Joe’s Rum Hut!”

  1. Great news on Joe’s! Less so on the beach bar. Third visit since the hurricanes is scheduled, really got my fingers crossed that at least one will be reopened. Can’t tell you how much we’ve missed them on our last two visits!

  2. So happy to read this update. Now if I can just get a visit scheduled for this November so I can have a cold one at Joe’s!

  3. Concrete and beautiful stone work .. well done!
    Quality!! You “Love City locals” do it right. And we
    visitors are impressed and appreciative!
    See you in March …..

  4. Great great news! I am just recovering from surgery and one of the first shirts I put on was my well worn “Joe’s Rum Hut shirt! “ Great, fun place with wonderful memories ! Can hardly wait to hear of your reopening

  5. Keep me informed we will be there early December
    Used to have a Villa on Gift Hill for 12 years
    My favorite Island

  6. Congratulations! Could not be happier to hear this news! Grateful to see the recovery on St John continue…

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