Looks like Ten Tables will not reopen

In February, Paul Trujillo placed some ads in the St. John Tradewinds indicating his Ten Tables restaurant at the Lumberyard would be closing and moving. 

Well, an Inquiring Iguana intern reports it’s Paul, alone, who moved.  The inventive, hard working, and well respected chef has reportedly signed on at Paradiso at Mongoose.  And from what we’ve heard on island, that’s a good thing for the beautiful spot. 

Last year’s interior re-decorating and menu makeover at Paradiso were successful, but we heard the food was so-so.  With Trujillo on board, that’s not likely to be the case.

2 thoughts on “Looks like Ten Tables will not reopen”

  1. First Time to respond: As we all know that space on st. john is hard to come by. I was forced to make a move do to greed of another, who is no longer on island(infusions-confusions). On another note, The Italian Restaurant upstairs from infusions will make out well in the down stairs space a.k.a infusion, because of the bad carma of the old owners greed.The restaurateur Livio and his family will do a great job because he and his family have stuck it out. By the way the problem was not parking it was electrical, about $40,000 worth. No lights in the dinning room. The land lord fudged the reconstruction, no electrical out lets or recepticals for use in the dinning room. I allso wish to make a correction on Asolare, Aaron Willos was never in charge of the kitchen. It has always been John Young for the past two years. John came down from New York as my sous chef at Asolare three years ago and took over when I left, and still is large and incharge. This spot is a very hard location do to the view, people always fight for the rail, and not for the ambiance, wonderful stone work and history of the property. Sorry to say this but I realy think people need to slow down and smell the roses a little more, didn’t the 80’s teach us anything? One day when the dust settles I will let the cat out of the bag about all the rest: Best wishes Paul C. Trujillo. P.S. I am a cook not an English major.

  2. Paul, I’m sure you’re a great cook, but I tried to understand what you wrote and really didn’t. Instead of mixing metaphors you were mixing restaurants and I didn’t understand.

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