Looking for Feedback…

Looking for Feedback... 1
Jumbie, March 14, 2020

Hi everyone, today I’m looking for feedback from all of you. What is happening across the world is alarming, and it is affecting every single one of us. Here on the island, it currently continues to be business as usual, but that does not mean that each and every one of us aren’t talking about COVID-19 and taking precautions to limit the spread. We are.

We are discussing among one another how this virus will affect our residents, our community and our economy. As of today, there is only one reported case here in the US Virgin Islands, which includes St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix. Do we expect more cases down here? Absolutely. Are we thankful that we currently only have one? Of course.

Today, I would like your feedback. Would you like News of St. John to continue business as usual? Would you still like to read about the beaches, businesses, vacation rentals and more? There is stuff happening at Cinnamon Bay and a new restaurant that plans to open soon. Do you want to read about it? Do you prefer we continue to write about these topics in a positive manner in order to give you all a daily escape from what is happening across the world? My guess is that the consensus is overwhelmingly yes, but I wanted to be certain before I did so.

(Edited to say: …And also to include updates on COVID-19, its presence in the USVI and its effects on St. John.)

You can respond in the comments section here, over on our Facebook page, or you can email me at [email protected].

And as I mentioned Saturday, if you cancel your trip, please come back. If you choose to visit, please know we are open and you will be welcomed.

I look forward to reading your thoughts. Thanks all. -Jenn xoxo

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160 thoughts on “Looking for Feedback…”

  1. Yes, please keep writing about the day-to-day happenings! We’re in limbo right now–supposed to be traveling to STJ for a week in April but we’re not sure if it’s going to happen. I love hearing about life on the island, and if we don’t get down there this year, we’ll definitely plan another trip in the future.

    • PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!! I love every update you post! I also care about how everyone on the island is doing in wake of the Coronavirus, hopefully your numbers will stay low. Please keep sharing the sunshine!!!

    • Keep writing about the day to day. We just left the island Saturday after a glorious week there and it was nice to know what was going on not only while we were there, but also right before we came.

    • Hi Jen. I saw what looked like a comment by your father about missing an airline flight to Saint John. I have a feeling you’re considering going home to Connecticut due to the coronavirus, if so remember family always comes first

      • Hi Larry! No, that’s not the case. This is our home, and we are staying put. Dalton, my son, was supposed to be the Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and we wanted to fly my parents down to see him. Unfortunately they could not come due to their work schedules. This was all before the pandemic was announced of course. So what you read was a flippant comment from met father who was basically saying he wishes he were here with his grandson rather than being in Connecticut where it appears the state may be going into lockdown.

        • Thanks for responding Jen. I know St John is your home and it’s also your “FAMILY”. I love your posts, whether they come daily, or even weekly.
          Hope you have as much fun personally as you provide to your friends, customers, and readers.
          I’m sure I represent many of your readers who both envy and admire what you do for St John.
          Stay passionate, stay happy.

  2. I love reading about everything happening in St John. Please continue writing about everything you feel is important. I always love reading your news. We are planning to visit in June, and hope that we are able to do so. Also hoping that everyone on the island stays healthy and safe. ❤️

      • The Dept. Of Health makes the determination, based on criteria of the patient if that patient will be tested. Self quarantine before and after the test is mandatory, especially if you meet criteria for the initial test. All determinations and questions are thru the Dept. Of Health. Please ALWAYS call the Dept.of Health for questions and screenings. We are asking, please do not just show up at health care facilities!

    • Yes, please continue. We enjoy reading your postings year round, especially now. We are hopeful to be visiting shortly.


  3. Absolutely, keep doing what you do! Of course this is a serious issue, however, no different than any other things we have experienced in the past. My personal opinion is that the more we change the things that are normal, the more it will cripple our livelihoods and our economy.

    • Yes please keep writing!! Hearing all the news about my happy place eases the stress of what is happening here.

  4. Jenn,

    I would love to continue to see and hear about the island. It is the pick me up that we all need right now, and I thank you for giving us the opportunity. We were to come in 2 weeks, and after much soul searching, we have decided not to come at this time. We WILL be back. We love St. John and the people. Stay strong and keep the beauty coming.

  5. I’m going to NEED beach pics to help get me through this! We’re booked for June (fingers crossed) after having to cancel a trip. I’d also like to be kept abreast of virus happenings on island.

  6. Yes-please keep up the great job you are doing. It is a great way to enjoy the place that we can only spend a few weeks each year for now.

  7. We were scheduled to come tomorrow from NYC but as over 60’s we were advised to limit travel. Yes we are very sad but we will be back enjoying our “HAPPY PLACE” ASAP!
    A bit surprised the Westin charged us a cancellation fee but what can you do……
    Stay safe.

  8. If you feel comfortable doing this “as usual”, it is a bright spot and appreciated. You are our eyes and ears on the island.

  9. Hi Jenn – please keep the information flowing – it is a wonderful distraction right now. We are still scheduled for 3/26 but will decide our go / no go by Sunday. So disappointing but we are truly mindful of all the full-time residents and their health. Money comes and goes, life is precious.

    • Please keep us posted as usual. We are scheduled to visit St. John’s the beginning of May and have no plans to cancel unless there is a travel restriction.

  10. Yes indeed, please keep informing us of all things St. John. We have reservations for April as well, but I can’t quite get myself to cancel….yet. I think it is inevitable but don’t you worry…we’ll be back ASAP for our 22nd year.

    • Yes, yes, and yes! As long as you don’t put yourself at risk. Like others here, we are taking the “wait and see” attitude before we try to cancel our late April reservations. Will be interesting to see how new restrictions will effect businesses on island. We will all be checking our inboxes every morning to hear the latest from you. Above all, we love this island, her residents and you. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Yes, please continue the updates. We all want to know what’s happening on STJ and that includes the impact the virus is or may have on the island (number of cases, govt actions, travel restrictions). The more information we have, the more we can make personal decisions that may impact our own travel plans and/ or how it could affect the island. We need you more than ever!

    • Clovid-19

      I love your posts. I love St John but quite frankly it is so bad here at home I don’t have time to read all that you are currently sending. My advice is to take a small break for a few weeks. Focus on your safety and health as well as those on the island. Hopefully after we all go through these tough times over the next month we will be able to refocus on vacation and traveling the world. Don’t want to be a downer but we all need to focus on stopping this virus.

      Best you you and all on St John.

  12. Jenn, please continue your articles and updates on the day to day happenings. Been coming to our favorite place on earth every summer for 17 years now and News of St John is always reminds me of why I fell in love with the island the first time I visited. Hope to keep reading your updates right up until our July vacation!

  13. Absolutely, yes!!! In this current state, it is refreshing and calming to read about and view pictures of beautiful St. John. Thank you SO much and be well!

  14. Absolutely, we need something positive. Can only take so much of COVID-19, convincing me we’re doomed! I thought my throat was sore last night and was convinced I had it. Gargled with Pyrat Rum, all good now!

  15. Yes, please continue your news, updates about the island of St.John and your pictures and videos. The videos that was in your newsletter last week was the best! I haven’t been able to get back to the island for yrs., but I sat and watched your videos with tears streaming down my face. A hardy yes, please continue to lift us out of the morass of what’s happening in this world. May God Bless

  16. Please continue. We were there this year, and have such great memories. It is a fun and refreshing read when other news seems to be so bad.

  17. Jenn,
    Your writings, photos, and stories are a respite from our current world condition, without jeopardizing yourself or family please continue to indulge those of us who do so enjoy the USVI. You are in our prayers.

  18. Keep it coming! I personally believe that all the drastic change in pretty much every aspect of our daily lives causes more stress, fear and panic. Of course, we all need to be careful, and very thorough in regards to personal hygiene, minimizing exposure to known high threat areas, etc. However, the hoarding is causing panic purchases – DON’T. The spreading of social media panic posts make things worse – DON’T. Financial lockdown because of the economy downturn does nothing more than hurt our economy more, but more importantly it hurts our small business, service staff, cab drivers, etc., etc. -DON’T. We have been through worse, and we wil rebound. Try to carry on as you normally would, but being mindful that there is a virus out there that we all need to do our part in trying to minimize the spread. If you feel sick, stay home as you normally would or should. It’s not rocket science.

  19. Please continue, we want to here about all that is happening. We spend a great deal of time on the island but the weeks we’re away, your newsletter keeps us up to date as to what’s happening.
    You’re a very valuable source of information that isn’t available elsewhere.

  20. Yes please keep writing. We are scheduled to visit in May and if that doesn’t happen we will rebook as soon as it’s possible.

  21. How about a little, tiny tad of reality? For those of us that live here, a little information will help. The good stuff happening definitely helps too!

  22. Jenn,
    FWIW, we now live on St. John, but are not fully integrated with the “jungle telegraph” here. So, business as usual is our preference – recognizing that an uptick in cases, or new info from the government are part of daily life here. Thank you for your efforts.

  23. Please keep up the awesome job you do! I wish we would’ve never left in February…
    It truly gets my mind off of the chaos happening here.
    Thanks Jenn!

  24. I read the virus doesn’t do well above 80 degree temps. Perhaps this is accurate and will work to your benefit. Hang tight and Carry On!

  25. Jen, keep writing about what is going including updates on the Virus situation. You will recall that my son and I rebuilt Sundancer in Fish Bay this past year and our first renters are there now. We have a lot of bookings because of our long past history and being a brand new house and have no cancellations to date. FYI, our stateside home is in the adult community, The Villages, Florida and all 130,000 of us are hunkered down trying to stay healthy. We have no cases as yet. If anyone wants to see our completed project it is found at Sundancer.com. Be well, stay safe

  26. Yes, please keep bringing us the news from our favorite place on earth. If you get busy with your own safety requirements, or the time you’re working with others everyone will understand a less frequent blog……..but otherwise keep the medicine coming!

    Many thanks for all your efforts.

  27. What should you be reporting upon? Both: COVID19 news, particularly given your candid assessment of health care in the USVIs; and your SOP, to help balance the bad news with a look forward to what your readers all love.
    PS More on Caneel Bay too if there is anything (like whether CBI should be evicted for not keeping up the property and a search for a new tenant begun now!).

  28. Yes, please keep business as usual!
    This is how we keep up with what is happening on the Island on a daily basis and we appreciate it very much!!

  29. Please continue! We don’t know what will happen to our planned trip this May, but we will certainly be back when we can be.

  30. We are booked for a big family reunion next February in St. John. We will be there. Things are disconcerting, and suffering is and will continue to happen around the world as we get our sensible arms around this. We will also have gotten rid of our president by next February and plan to celebrate that in St. John.

    • Good luck with that celebration. Keep politics out of St John. We can enjoy ST JOHN and leave our differences on main land.

  31. Oh my gosh, yes please! I mostly want to make sure everyone is safe there. But also we will be visiting ASAP and I looove seeing pictures and dreaming of being there. Also love to know that so far everything is going well. It’s the only good “news” we have Jenn ❤️❤️

  32. Hi Jen. Yes!!!! I would LOVE to hear about beaches, bars, hiking trails and all the amazing news from STJ!! Your news updates remind me of happy sunny times and it is good to know that life goes on in STJ unlike here is some areas of the states. Keep reporting, you are my sunshine! Fingers crossed we will be able to visit in April!!!

  33. Yes, business as usual BUT please also add any relevant COVID-19 info. We trust you to provide honest status reports. Other sources may not have the same integrity.

  34. Absolutely Jenn! It’s nice to have a reprieve from everything going on. In fact the first thing I looked up this morning was some STJ Webcams instead of the news…just wanted to see my happy place. We are moving ahead for now with our May trip and if it has to be postponed we still plan to come down at some point so keeping abreast of how things are going down there would be great. Stay healthy!

  35. Yes please continue to update. Do have a trip on the books just not sure if the planes will be taking off. Stay safe and healthy.

  36. I enjoy getting all your tidbits of information. We are coming down again in 2021 so I find the new restaurant info helpful and events and activities. I hope you can continue for sure!

  37. Do both. I want to hear the good news about the goings on of St John. It’s always a welcome bright spot in my day (thank you for that). However, ignoring the effects of the current crisis on St John seems somehow disingenuous. You are a talented journalist. I’m sure you can find a way to share important news in a helpful way with as positive a tone as possible.

  38. Please keep writing about the beaches, restaurants, etc. on my favorite island so I can stay connected to it during this tumultuous time. I love this site!

  39. Yes; please keep sending updates! We’re scheduled to arrive April 1 from Idaho, and we’re in limbo as well. We are so looking forward to our second trip to your beautiful island but don’t want to add to problems there. Airbnb and our host are being gracious about a possible postponement, but our airline isn’t budging yet.

    Your on-the-ground updates are so helpful! Thanks.

    • Trip canceled. We’ll reschedule later when this crazy calms down a bit. I’d hate to bring any bad things to the island. ❤️

  40. Yes, continue reporting as usual! We had to cancel our trip to STJ for May. My husband works as a freelancer in Broadcast Television sports. With all the sports teams not playing, we were completely overnight unemployed. No work/no pay. This is devastating financially not only to us but to thousands across the country who lost their jobs overnight. Yes, we will be back someday; yes, we are heartbroken!

  41. As the Brits like to say, “Keep calm and carry on.” For all of us, regardless of what’s happening around us or in the world at large, the magical little island that we know of as St. John is a pleasant respite, an escape, a door where paradise waits….so, please, more than ever, keep going. And, as for the real world, the length and breadth of this problem will become known, uncertainty will give way to understanding, and, society, in its own imperfect way, will right itself. Count on it.

  42. jenn: truly appreciate the news of st john, they are our newsline to this wonderful place that we own a villa and are absentee from right now. glad to hear that st john is functioning as normal but i fear that this a temporary situation for the islands.

    again keep on trucking and delivering the news that we so miss…thank you….joe/ nina horstmann

  43. Yes please continue. I have family that live there so I visit frequently. St. john is my second home and when im not there im dreaming about my next trip. You do an amazing job keeping us posted and we appreciate it so very much. All of my love to you and the Virgin Islands.

  44. Thank you Jen. Keep us posted. Sadly we had to cancel our trip down this week. As you probably have heard, all NY NJ MA bar and restaurants have been closed and today RI Governor closed all bars restaurants, clubs, malls, casino etc and banned any groups of 25+ people. She also indicated that no resident should fly except for emergency or essential travel. We will be back, but this will only get worse before it gets better. Our fear as that there will be a national travel ban sometime soon. Take care and keep safe!


    There is one confirmed case on St. Thomas and one on St. Croix. We love and want our visitors, but please not now. If there is a more widespread outbreak visitors getting sick may not be able to travel home, and risk overloading our health system here. We all hope this will be over soon.

    Yes, please keep publishing so that our friends and future guests can see what they have to look forward to. .

    • Please cite your source. I have not seen that come from Government House. I do not want this site to spread misinformation.

  46. Yes, please, one of the few things left to keep me sane. I can close my eyes and think about the color of the water, and back in paradise again.

  47. Jenn- I’d love to keep hearing all of the wonderful stories and “normal” STJ… but I’d also really like a small note on COVID-19 when there is info as I don’t know where else to get that news and I’d like the complete picture prior to making any more travel plans. Thank you!

  48. Yes please continue. Your newsletters are a high point to my day & I look forward to each one as it gives me a little escape to my happy place.

  49. OMG YES! We get ample enough doom & gloom from our news here. Yes, it is a major, scary issue but we also need ‘refreshment, hope & just a pretty view sometime’ so please do continue with ‘life on STJ’. It takes our mind and soul to a beautiful place…..Thank you from NC! 🙂

  50. Yes, please. Don’t stop. If we can’t travel, we can at least dream. Keep posting the videos, too. I love the virtual drives down the roads on the island. Makes me feel like we’re there again! Thanks for doing this for all of us! We love St. John!! 😀

  51. Please continue the one spot of happiness in my news feed. Still scheduled to arrive mid-April for our annual getaway and we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll actually happen this year. If not, we’ll reschedule and adapt.

  52. Yes Jenn, do exactly what you said. We want to hear the usual news and get the Covid19
    News. We are booked for mid April but are almost certain that we will cancel. We are in our 70’s and my adult daughter has asthma so we will follow CDC advice and not travel. We also fear using precious health care resources if we did get sick. But please keep up the good work and we will be back in the future.

  53. We need all of it! Love the pics and the island updates. Also need virus updates and any info that would help us make decisions about our trip. We are scheduled to come in May.

  54. Hi Jenn! Please continue to share all the STJ news, beautiful photos and fun information…it’s a nice break from the daily routine. Since your viewers all love STJ and the residents, please keep us up to date on COVID-19 as well because we care and want to help if needed!

  55. Yes keep it coming. Just left your beautiful island Saturday. We love all of you and pray that all of you stay safe and healthy.

  56. Yes, please, Jenn, keep it up. Your blog and news of the islands is a bright spot for many of us in our day-to-day lives. That’s especially true now as nearly everything except critical services begins to shut down on the mainland and we practice our “social distancing” here.

    We love St. John and hope all goes well and stays well there. Thank you for all that you do.

  57. Ok to report on happenings because lots of things are shutting down and should be reported.

    but PLEASE don’t encourage people to come to St. John. Any business that is putting out ads right now saying “Come to St. John, It’s a great time to visit and use my business is being irresponsible”.

    Perhaps you could relay the news about all the events that are being cancelled. Art gallery openings, Cultural Gala, Sing St. John, School of the Arts, etc. Yes, we are shutting down all group events and are hoping the the bars and restaurants close soon.

    You may not like my comments, but they are the reality of the situation.

  58. Keep up the good work — both the Good News and the Reality of the situation – please don’t sugarcoat the status of the islands, even living over here on STT I read your daily site as News!! DOUG

  59. YES! YES! Keep your posts coming…they are a bright spot for those of us the the dreary Midwest. No matter the subject you always do an interesting take on it. Keep up the good work!

  60. Yes, please continue. Your postings always remind me, even in the good times, of the absolute beauty and serene environment of St John and that is good for the soul any day! You are so appreciated. Hopefully our June trip will not be delayed. If it is, we will get there sometime this year.

  61. Yes, please continue sharing good news, but also keep us informed about what is going on with the people on the island, visitors and the virus situation. We were supposed to arrive yesterday and had to cancel, but already re-booked for next year.
    Don’t know what we would do without your blog, various Facebook groups and the TA Forum to give us something to look forward to.

  62. PLEASE PLEASE continue all of your happenings, and keep us informed of the health of all of those on the island. We were there last April, and again in December, and plan to come back in the fall…..it has become a special place to us, as it does with everyone…….we are thankful for News of St John….

  63. I’m staying at Cruz Views overlooking Cruz Bay. Tv corona virus, stock market crashing, shelves empty, long waits at airports, ( returning on 3/25/20) , gasoline at $3.89 gal,
    Rum $9.99. Starfish fully stocked, beaches full, ferry service fine, restaurants open, weather excellent, people happy and friendly. THINK TWICE BEFORE COMING HERE, ISLAND TIME IS THE SAME……….SLOW,
    NICE, LEAVE YOUR TROUBLES AT HOME, ENJOY. IM THINKING “self quarantine here may be the thing to do”. My sacrifice…….

  64. Jen; your SJ news reminds us that there is still “a happy place” there!
    Please fill us in on what is happening at Caneel and elsewhere on island; we want to know that all of our island friends are ok. Was shocked to see, from post earlier, that Westin charged a cancellation fee. We own hotels and our franchises have waived all cancellation fees! Westin should do the same! MaryLou

  65. Jenn…Absolutely please keep writing as time allows you to. I know the island depends so very much on all of us to visit. Let’s pray this nation gets this Virus under control. Our visit in February was wonderful and my goodness what an outstanding job the people of St. John have done restoring the island to its original beauty since the hurricanes in 2017. You do such a great job with your writing along with bringing much joy to so many people. Stay healthy and safe! Thanks for all you do…

  66. Yes please continue… It makes my day to read your newsletter.
    Here in New Orleans, we are experiencing (as are many other people out there), school and work closings, restaurants and bars with minimum number of diners/drinkers allowed in, shortened hours and curfews about to happen. About 60% of New Orleans population work in something related to the tourist industry so people are hurting financially. Many of our favorite events have been canceled and/or indefinitely postponed, ST Patrick’s day, French Quarter fest and Jazz fest to name a few. Many of us travelers have had trips cancelled with no refunds etc… I know everywhere this is going on so it is nice to hear the islands are still there with their beautiful beaches and people. Thanks for your wonderful news letters.

  67. Yes, please keep writing about the day-to-day happenings! We’re still planning to come right now–supposed to be traveling to STJ for a week in April but we’re not sure if it’s going to happen due to the airlines…our trip depends on whether or not our flights are cancelled.

    I love hearing about life on the island, and if we don’t get down there in April, we’ll definitely plan for a different month this year!

  68. I don’t know when I will be able to again, so hearing about the island and what is going on is very important to my keeping in touch with St. John. I enjoy the stories about the general happenings and businesses, but I particularly enjoy the video tours you post. If you could do it, I would also enjoy spotlights on local residents who are living there full-time. I really appreciate your newsletter and look forward to each one.

  69. By all means, keep it up. Especially like the occasional update or mentions of our old haunts–Maho Bay, Cinnamon Bay, & Concordia.

  70. Yes please continue. We were in St. John for two weeks in January and plan to bring our whole family in November. Always like to keep updated. You’re doing a great job of making me miss the island.

  71. Our next visit is not until January, 2021. It is your daily news that makes every day between now and then a special day. Thanks for all you do.

  72. A thousand times YES! We’re scheduled to come down end of June through mid-July, and you are my best source of real information about what’s happening on-island. Maintain the positivity!

  73. Yes, please keep writing! We are scheduled to come down on April 1, and it’s nice to have a direct connection to what is really happening down there. We love St. John and care about the people there…wishing you all stay healthy!

  74. Hi, Please continue on as you have! My 22 year old son lives on the island, and it helps to hear how things are going there! I have advised him NOT to fly home to the states, because he’s likely less at risk of exposure there than he is here! And, I LOVE seeing the photos you post. Stay Strong!

  75. Thanks, Jenn, for giving us something positive to look forward to in our inboxes – please keep writing! Stay safe and be well!

  76. Yes please keep reporting. I read your blog nearly every day & found it so informative especially after the hurricanes. We just spent the best 10 days on St. John, travelled home ok last Thursday. We have already booked our return for 2021. Our daughter was to come next week but due to the uncertainty with travel has postponed & already re-booked for another time.
    Jill from NH

  77. YESSS……Please continue writing and posting pictures like you’ve been doing. I look at your column every day….we hope to be back at the Westin in St. John in 2021. You always do a fantastic job. Stay healthy & well.

  78. Yes, please. In all of the upset and bad news here in the States it is refreshing to see and hear about our beloved island and gives us something to look forward to in December!

  79. Yes, yes, yes, please continue. Keep us informed on everything St John good or bad. Received St Johnopoly today. Thank you!

  80. Absolutely yes! Please keep us informed of the good and the bad. The videos and pictures give us something to look forward to. Received ST Johnopoly today, thank you so much. Stay well!

  81. Oh please yes! Your posts & pictures are the bright spot in my day. So sick of hearing nothing but virus, & praying the VI can avoid the worst of it. Planning to return in November.

  82. Yes Jenn – we need you, we need stories and photos of beautiful St, John and, as you can see from these comments, many of us are planning visits so we appreciate USVI coronavirus updates. On that note, can you comment on whether restaurants plan to stay open
    And are special precautions taking place as far as keeping restaurants, ferries and shops clean and as bacteria free as possible the way they are here on the mainland? We are scheduled to arrive March 25 and would like to have a better sense of how the island is handling the situation. Thank
    You so much!

  83. Yes please keep writing! Love keeping up on the news there. Plan to be there for our annual trip in June!
    Hoping we will be able to make it but don’t want to risk the health of those there. If there is any chance we could bring anything with us, we’ll stay home but will definitely be there as soon as all is clear!!

  84. Yes please Jenn! Love your beautifully written updates and hearing about the goings on in our favorite place. Sending you our love, stay healthy and let your guys know our thoughts are with you 3. Enjoy your beautiful views and sand and water….we’ll look at pictures while staying put here in PA. Love ❤️

  85. Yes, communication is important! Keep sharing the good and bad so, we can all stayed informed. Your blog is an important media that many of us count on for all the great happenings of St John. Being reading since you started! Thank you.

  86. Jenn,
    Your News of St. John continues to allow us such a wonderful contact with St. John. We count on your awesome information and updates. Keep it up please.
    Chuck Finnell

  87. Please keep up with the daily updates, the good and the not so good. We’ve been coming to stj since the 90’s with our annual visits to maho bay camps, have since “graduated” to a nice rental in Cruz bay. We sadly had to cancel our trip this year due to COVID 19 issues. Your site allows us to visit vicariously, and look forward to next year’s visit

  88. Yes please keep writing abt st john!
    As a stressed out healthcare worker, my days are long! This is something i always look forward to in my in box!

  89. It’s great hearing about how life on STJ is, keep on writing. Supposed to come in April and hoping we still can!

  90. Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s a bit of sunshine in an otherwise murky news feed. While we have not been to visit the island in a number of years, we dream about it often. You’re in our thoughts. Be well and thank you!

  91. We would like to continue to receive news about St John our favorite vacation spot. We have had to cancel our trip to St John in April but want to reschedule this year after all this blows over.

  92. Please continue sending updates, pictures, videos – as long as you can do so while protecting your own health. As a former St Johnian who misses our island and has no idea when/if we’ll be able to return, your daily stories provide much needed memories of the beauty that still exists in this world during a terribly difficult time

  93. Yes, please keep writing. I’m afraid our late April trip will be cancelled but we’ve been visiting since 1987 so we will be back. Keep it positive but tell us what’s going on. You will probably be sheltering in place as we are in New York. Be safe. Be well.

  94. We have a family trip May 29 at Island Sun. Hoping it will not be canceled. We all are well and am working from home till 3/30. Keep writing and keep us informed about our most favorite place on earth. Stay well – JD

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