It’s Satellite Sloop!

One of the island’s hardiest and most creative entrepreneurs is at it again.  From far out on East End, the artist known as Sloop Jones has launched Dish ‘n Dat to install Dish Network‘s TV-by-satellite service (http://www.dishnetwork.com) and HughesNet (http://go.gethughesnet.com) Sat-delivered Internet access.

(Photo courtesy of ‘Don’t Know Jack".)

Usually, the Sloop Jones corporate headquarters is jam packed with boxes of shirts and fabric and paints. But now, the pathway to Jones’ custom-made clothing boutique is crammed with satellite dishes, transponders, cable, and high-tech receivers.

“I got  involved with this business ’cause i could not find anyone here to service my (own) equipment,” said Sloop (whose birth name is Terry McKoy). “The original vendor I was dealing with for HughesNet retired.”

“I like both services cause they are independent of land lines. So with my generator, I have TV and internet no matter what is happening with Innovative, WAPA, or the tower on Bordeaux Mtn. And after a hurricane, I can be back online as soon as the wind stops blowing. After Hurricane Marilyn we were without service for three weeks waiting for lines and poles to be replaced.”

"The reliability of our cable service is not the best," Jones said, in explaining his motivation to add the new business.  "And I’ve been getting Net access by satellite for more than five years, and it works. The dish is a good deal."  Jones said the equipment and installation cost is about $1,000 for each, Dish and HughesNet. Internet service starts at $59.99/mo., and Dish TV starts at $19.99/mo.

For details, e-mail [email protected].  Phone: 340-779-4001.

Jones went on to explain. “As with everything you get what you pay for.
HughesNet offers  plans with more speed and bandwidth that go all the
way up to $179..99 for small offices .  For that you get download
speeds 70 times faster than dial-up , 20 email accounts and 5 IP addresses.  HughesNet connects to your computer via a modem that is
connected to the Satellite dish, so it is always on.  And  an added benefit, no phone lines are used.

“One feature we really like is Dish on Demand.  We have a receiver that
will record about 100 hours of programming.  Dish puts up a seven-day
lineup, we go through it, pick what we want, schedule recording, and then
watch whenever.  So we don’t miss stuff cause we are to busy to watch
when it is broadcast.”

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