Live Music Update

Live Music Update

Good Morning!  Things are in full swing on island with live music happening nightly at a few establishments and sporadic traveling acts being scheduled at various venues.  Oh, and music is BACK at the Beach Bar!  March kicked off with VI Jam Fest bringing some world class musicians to St. John and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be watching and listening to a full band right in front of me again.  So, if you’re passionate about live music, like myself, and REALLY missed it while it was gone, read on so you can get your fill while you’re on St. John this month!

There are several venues on island who host a regular schedule of local musicians nightly.  Cruz Bay Landing has always hosted live music seven nights a week…Until the pandemic. The busy breakfast, lunch and dinner establishment, located just across from the ferry terminal, started up their regular schedule again late this fall with local acts seven nights a week from 6-9.

Live Music Update 1
Live Music nightly at Cruz Bay Landing from 6pm-9pm

Monday- Mark Wallace & Eva

Tuesday- RC Sanders

Wednesday- Lauren Jones Magnie

Thursday- Haile

Friday- IslandGirlMusic- Erin Hart

Saturday- Eva & Bo

Sunday- Pam & Broheem

Lovango Rum Bar has become a hot spot for great pizza and charcuterie and handcrafted rum cocktails this season!  They are open six days a week just above the Low Key Dive Shop and host a rotating schedule of St. John & St. Thomas based artists during happy hour nightly.

Live Music Update 2
Delicious cocktails and upbeat happy hour music at Lovango Rum Bar

The music goes from 4:30-6:30 Monday-Saturday but happy hour starts at 4pm and you will need a table in order to enjoy the show and the sunset view on the patio.  So, get there at 4 to enjoy a dollar off your drink to reserve your table for the following nightly musical offerings:

Monday- Lauren & Eva

Tuesday- Jared Courter

Wednesday- Ital & Wayne

Thursday- Mark Wallace & Eva

Friday- After Irma featuring RC Sanders and Alana Davis

Saturdays- A rotating schedule depending on the week!  Upcoming Saturdays are as follows:  March 20 & 27- Tyler Perrino, April 3- Travis Riddle, April 10- Jon Gazi!  Check the venue’s social media page for their updated schedule each week.

Live Music Update 3
Jon Gazi will be back at Lovango Rum Bar on April 10- Mark your calendars and get there early…Notice that there is not a seat to be had!

The Windmill Bar at Neptune’s Lookout (Operated by Cruz Bay Music and host to VI Jam Fest) is another new hot spot this year.  The view is ABSOLUTELY incredible and the space is wide open and all outdoors with tons of seating.

Live Music Update 4
The view from the Windmill Bar is worth the drive!

So, you won’t have a problem with social distancing or fighting for a table.  They currently have a great selection of drinks and friendly service and will soon be opening up dining options as well (more on that – soon come!).  Their music schedule changes with the availability of traveling acts on island but they have something going on seven nights a week.  Their upcoming schedule is as follows:

Tuesday March 16- Lauren Jones Magnie (happy hour set), Jimmy Charles (6-9)

Wednesday March 17- Jimmy Charles (6-9)

Thursday March 18- After Irma (5:30-8)

Friday March 19- Tom Jenkins “The Fuzzy Fiddler” (5:30-8)

Saturday March 20- Eva & Bo (5-7:30)

Sunday March 21- Rascio on Steel Pan (3-5). Tyler Perrino (5:30-8)

Monday March 22- IslandGirlMusic- Erin Hart (5-7)

Tuesday March 23- Lauren Jones Magnie (5-7), Positive J and Keyboard Joe of Treehouse (8-10)

Live Music Update 5
Views, tunes and a ton of space at Neptunes Lookout.

If you’re there early on a Saturday, you;ll also catch the Love City Pan Dragons practicing near the entrance to the property.  Check the venue’s social media page for their updated schedule past March 24 and definitely swing by to check out this great new space!

Miss Lucy’s, a beautiful waterfront space located between Coral Bay and Salt Pond, is back at it with their well-known Thursday Open Mic!  Hosted by Lauren Jones Magnie, this weekly offering is sure to blow you away with local talent and guest sit ins.  The restaurant, offering Sunday brunch and delightful daily lunch and dinner options, hosts open mic each Thursday from 5:30-9.

Live Music Update 6
Open Mic at Miss Lucy’s…You never know who will pop in to play!

The Beach Bar is back to offering musical entertainment from a variety of local and traveling acts!  The upcoming schedule is as follows:

March 18- The Sand Lizards 7PM

March 19- Mother Goat 7PM

March 22- After Irma 7:30PM

March 24- Eva and the Funk-ition 7PM

March 25- The Sand Lizards 7:30PM

Seating is limited and you must be at a table in order to enjoy the music.  You may also listen to the music from the beach in front but the venue does not service that area.  Check the venue’s event calendar for the current musical offerings while you’re on island!

Live Music Update 7
Live Music is BACK at the BEACH BAR!

The Salty Mongoose is a new venue in Coral Bay offering great pizza, cocktails, STJ Brewers beer on tap and a vast waterfront space with tons of seating!  Take a drive out east while you’re visiting to check out the new spot, located next to Aqua Bistro and enjoy some tunes.  Sporadic music offerings generally pop up the week of on their Facebook page so follow along to stay updated!

Live Music Update 8
Mark Joseph of the Bug Wu playing the Salty Mongoose earlier this month.

Maho Crossroads will be introducing various acts back to their stage starting next month.  The pop up village across the street from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world once hosted an array of amazing live music seven afternoons a week and halted their schedule when the pandemic hit.  The music will start to trickle back in April and I’m very excited to enjoy some afternoon tunes once again at this amazing space!  Follow along on their Facebook or Instagram pages for upcoming music updates.

Live Music Update 9
The breezy and comfortable space at Maho Crossroads will soon be filled with tunes again!

Just a few reminders about COVID things to wrap this up.  All of the establishments on island are currently at 75% capacity restrictions and bar service is still prohibited.  So, for any of the above offerings, you will need to be seated to enjoy the shows.  A territory wide mask mandate is also still in place.  When you enter the establishment you must have your mask on until you are seated and you must put your mask back on when you stand up to exit, go to the bathroom, talk to a friend, etc.

Live Music Update 10

Everyone on island is SUPER busy and short staffed so let’s please all BE KIND to the service employees that keep the wheels turning!  Keep these above tips in mind while enjoying your time here and try not to make their jobs more difficult…They didn’t make the rules.  But, in order to stay employed, they have to enforce them 🙂

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