Lime Out Reopens Friday! Now in New Location…

Lime Out Reopens Friday! Now in New Location... 1
Lime Out has relocated to Coral Bay.

Hello friends, we have such good news that we decided we couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share it. It’s so wonderful that we wanted to tell you now! Lime Out is reopening, and it’s happening tomorrow! It’s going to be in a brand new location, and we could not be happier for the owners (and for our Island Tour guests)!

As you may recall, Lime Out – the super popular floating taco bar that was anchored out in Round Bay on St. John’s East End – closed last month due to permitting issues. The Lime Out owners were working diligently to reopen the successful business while some East Enders were working just as diligently to ensure that Lime Out moved elsewhere. Well today, we are happy to tell you that the Lime Out is in fact reopening, and it’s happening tomorrow! Yay! They will no longer be in Round Bay, instead opting to operate out of Coral Bay harbor.

We chatted with Chelsea Baranowski, one of the owners of Lime Out, a few hours ago, and she said how thrilled she is to reopen tomorrow. Chelsea expressed how thankful she is for the community of Coral Bay and how excited she is to get her staff back to work. We echo those sentiments Chelsea. 🙂

Ok, so let’s start with the new location. Lime Out is now located in the southeast side of Coral Bay harbor. The new location is not conducive to kayaking or paddle boarding, so guests will have to arrive by boat. Because the owners recognize that not everyone has access to a boat, they’ve partnered with Flyaway Charters who will be providing boat shuttle service.

Lime Out will be open 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Flyaway Charters will provide the shuttle service every half hour. The cost of the shuttle will be $10 roundtrip. Free parking will be provided next to Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis. The boat shuttle will pick up and drop off guests across the street from the Oasis.

Lime Out Reopens Friday! Now in New Location... 2

The owners of Lime Out wold like guests to know that they cannot access Lime Out via Fortsberg Road. The land in that area  is privately owned. Guests who try to access Lime Out via Fortsberg Road will not be served.

Ok, so to recap… Lime Out reopens tomorrow in Coral Bay harbor. At this time, you can only access Lime Out by boat. Kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming to Lime Out will not be permitted. Flyaway Charters will provide a boat shuttle for $10 round trip.

I don’t know about all of you, but I am super excited to have them back! Cheers all!



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