Let’s Find Moose a Home


It’s pretty rare that a story I write leads me to tears. Today’s story is one of those stories.

Back in July 2013, we introduced all of you to Moose. Moose is a very loving Boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier Mix who lives at the Animal Care Center (ACC) on St. John. At the time, Moose had been at the shelter for two-and-a-half years – more than any other dog there. Well more than two years later, poor Moose is still at the shelter.

As Moose’s five-year anniversary at the shelter nears, the ACC is making a big social media push to get Moose a home. As of last weekend, his story was shared on Facebook more than 2,000 times and has reached more than 200,000 people. Certainly there’s got to be someone out there willing to give this dog a loving home.

So you may be wondering why he hasn’t been placed? Well Moose doesn’t like cats. Neither does my dog Charlie, who I adopted from the ACC, so the cat thing is easy to deal with. Because Moose has been in a shelter for so long, he is stressed. But that’s also an easy fix with some love and patience. He has lots of energy and loves to chase things. On the island, it’s pretty much iguanas, chickens and cats. Again, my dog Charlie does the same thing. These shouldn’t be reasons not to adopt him in any way.

Moose’s ideal home is a place where he will have plenty of room to play. Ryan Moore, the ACC’s manager, told us back in 2013 that a farm or a similar type of environment would be an ideal place for Moose.

Concerned about how you will get Moose to your home? No need to worry. The ACC will help Moose get to his forever home.

If you think you could give Moose the loving home he deserves, please contact the Animal Care Center at (340) 774-1625.

For those of you on Facebook, please share Moose’s story. Click here to visit and share his Facebook page. 

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