Learn a little

Several of the island’s most talented creative types have begun sharing what they know.

Chef Ted Robinson’s doing cooking classes as part of his new venture with KatiLady Catering, and Arleen Hitchock is offering painting lessons at her studio/store in Coral Bay, Tu Tu Tango, at the Cocaloba Shopping Center.  Steve Simonsen, the nature photographer, will resume teaching photo and video classes this Fall.

There’s a lot of talent on island and I wouldn’t be surprised to see
others begin to invite visitors to learn a few things besides which bar
makes the best Pina Colada.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

By the way, some of Simonsen’s museum-quality work is on rare display this month.  Many of the 18 photographs on display at the Bajo el Sol Gallery at Mongoose Junction show the British Virgin Islands.  The exhibition was organized by Simonsen’s partner, and wife, Janet.

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