Last Call: Gifft Hill School After Auction

fun contentment
Fun and Contentment is one of the villas available through Gifft Hill School’s after auction.

As you may know, Gifft Hill School held a pretty amazing auction prior to its gala last earlier this month. Well a few of the items are still available to bid on through a special after auction. But here’s the catch – it ends tomorrow at noon, so you better act fast.

A few of the items available are:

  • A seven-night stay at Aurora villa plus a Jeep rental, gift certificate to Ocean Grill and a standup paddle board lesson
  • A seven night stay at Fun and Contentment plus a gift certificate to Sweet Plantains
  • A seven-night stay at Hummingbird villa
  • A seven-night stay at Century Hill Estates
  • And much more!

Click here to see the full list of items available and to place your bids. Again, the auction ends tomorrow, March 25, at noon. 

Proceeds from the after auction will help provide scholarships for students attending Gifft Hill School. This month’s gala raised more than $200,000!! How amazing is that??!! Scholarships are awarded to more than 70 percent of students attending Gifft Hill School.Amazing.

Need a little more incentive to help? Please check out this amazing video created by Steve Simonsen. And please, turn your volume up.


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