Last call at Paradiso

Paradiso_tom copyThe latest fabulous
incarnation of Paradiso restaurant at Mongoose
 is in its last days.

Just three months ago, Tom Theleman had
just taken over the space with big hopes, and a desire to
return the restaurant to the fame and high standards it had five years
ago that made it one of the best in the Virgin Islands.

Theleman's no
stranger to the restarant business. He helped run Paradisopreviously,
worked with Asolare's owner Winston
, and clinked toques with chef Ted Robinson of Tage fame.

Then, the Paradiso space
was his … and this was his time.  His strategy, he explained in
an interview, was to cater to locals and tourists with moderate prices,
half-price appetizers at the bar all the time, and high-quality food.

But things haven't
worked out.  Blame it on a lousy economy or the high price of
running a business on the island, well, there are probably lots of

What is clear though is
that come July 1, Theleman's restaurant will
be gone.  He's planning to go out with good taste. 

He hopes good food at
good prices will result in lots of people having a good time.  All
that will result in good business for the restaurant and the staff will
walk away with some cash in their pockets, the suppliers will be happy,
and Theleman will be able to look back at a
good job, well done.

  • Our interview with Theleman from
    last March is here.
  • Paradiso's menu
    is here.

4 thoughts on “Last call at Paradiso”

  1. That’s a shame. The menu looks great too! I have alot of fond memories from Paradiso back in the early 90’s when I lived on St.John.

  2. We were there last month and it was awesome. The food, the staff, and the atmosphere couldn’t have been any better. It was the best dinner we had the two weeks we were there. I’m bummed.

  3. Wow… I worked there as a cook back in early 90’s with Willy, Dale, Kevin, Frosty from Australia, Frank and Bucko and of course my drinking buddy Helmut What a great time. Memories that I’ll cherish for ever. And some I wish I could remember.

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