La Tapa is tops

Latapa_2We went back this year for a return visit to La Tapa, where chef/owner Alex Ewald continues to focus on a finite number of superb appetizers and an ever-changing daily menu of always-special entrees. 

We started off with a plate of fresh herbs and spices and olive oil, dunking our bread and smiling as we slurped. Once again, Mrs. Inquiring Iguana and I grazed the appetizer list … artichoke, grilled shrimp, Caesar salad and the restaurant’s signature dish of mussels in a light cream sauce. 

This year, we got a table on the street.  Which, if you kn ow the place, means we almost sat in the street.  Yes, the noise  can be quite distracting …. but knowing good food is coming, you an get over it.  Frankly, it’s pretty noisy inside, too.

Looks like la Tapa is doing lots of business due to repeaters like us, a kitchen that is producing consistently tasty bouquets of offerings, and a nice profile of the restaurant in St. John magazine’s inaugural issue.

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  1. Amen. We consider La Tapa to have the finest food on the island. It is crowded, and noisy, but the service is excellent,the menu very imaginative, and they treat customers respectfully – something you don’t get from the island’s other high-end restaurants. Great combo on Monday evenings.

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