La Plancha moving to Mongoose Junction

Jason The island's top-rated restaurant (according to TripAdvisor) is moving.

The owners of la Plancha del Mar closed a deal at the end of August to move their business to the space formerly occupied by Paradiso St. John.  The two couldn't be more different, but La Plancha's owners – Jason Howard (pictured above), Mike Prout and Jonathan Fritz – say the food and the quality and the fun will be the same.

At the Marketplace, La Plancha was in a windowless corner on the second floor with room for about six tables.  At Mongoose, there will be more than that spavce in the outdoor seating area alone, never mind the huge interior with a long bar and tables, all surrounded by wood and island stonework and windows, offering seating for as many as 75 people.

This is a big move for the trio who opened for business just about 18 months ago.

La Plancha's Facebook page announced "We are now accepting applications for all positions."  This prompted Steve Dean to ask, "Have you filled … regular and general bar fly?" Pat Gilbertson, wondering about her golden years, speculated, "Maybe that's what Gary and I should do in retirement ;-)."

While the guys get to work fixing up the Paradiso space the way they'll like it, La Plancha is open only for dinner, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday.  No word on when the new location will open for business.

What TripAdvisor has to say about La Plancha del Mar.

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  1. I’m sure they will be open Saturday and Sunday at the new place 🙂 They hope to be open by mid November at the new spot. I’m so excited for the guys. They will really get a chance to spread their wings in a bigger location. Their food is superb! They are all such nice guys! Wishing them tons of luck that they don’t really need 😉

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