Kenny Chesney Continues to Support St. John

Kenny Chesney on St. John after hurricanes Irma and Maria. Image credit: kennychesney.com
Kenny Chesney on St. John after hurricanes Irma and Maria. Image credit: kennychesney.com

We’re all truly fortunate that Kenny Chesney loves this place. Kenny announced earlier this week that all of the proceeds from his next album, Songs for the Saints, will go to his Love For Love City Fund. It’s another amazing gesture from an amazing human bestowed on all of us.

Kenny began work to help our islands while many of us were still hunkered down as Irma’s winds howled across St. John. He immediately set up the Love For Love City Fund and within 48 hours had a crew on the ground on St. John who delivered supplies, helped to clear roads and evacuated people off of our ravaged island. For that past nine months, Kenny’s Love For Love City Fund has accomplished so much here in the Virgin Islands and over in the British Virgin Islands as well. We’ve written about their accomplishments twice. Click here and here to read those posts.

The fact that Kenny is now donating 100 percent of his proceeds from Song for the Saints leaves me speechless. The following was posted on Kenny’s website earlier this week:

As friends were being airlifted off the Hurricane Irma-toppled Virgin Islands, Kenny was in the studio recording what in many ways was his response to the destruction that swept through in the Caribbean. Writing, recording and searching for songs in the moment added an immediacy to the music, and those recordings became Songs for the Saints.
Deeply personal, but more importantly, deeply committed to the rescue and healing of the people who live in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, the project goes past the trauma to focus on the indomitable spirit of those people. The 11 songs offer hope, support, commitment and especially recognition of how irrepressible they are.

“I wanted to make a record that shows the spirit and resilience of the people who live on those islands, who are generationally tied to them, or are raising families there,” Kenny explains. “To me, it’s about the hope, the strength, the joy and the courage they are bringing to the task of rebuilding after a kind of destruction no one has ever seen before. To let them know, they’re not only not forgotten months later, but we’re holding them up as inspiration – and offering help in any way that we can, including music. Because music heals, it inspires, and this is for them.”

… “Creating like this, you don’t have a master plan, but the music will take you and teach you,” Kenny explains. “I knew I wanted this album to show the spirit of the people, but I wanted it to focus on healing, on their gift to rise above such complete chaos and devastation. They had no power, no real food, nothing; they dug in, started clearing the land and rebuilding. To me, that’s inspiring.”

For those of you interested in purchasing this album and supporting the Love For Love City Fund, you can preorder it beginning today. The full album will be released July 27th. The following is its track listing:

  • Songs for the Saints
  • Every Heart
  • Get Along
  • Pirate Song
  • Love for Love City (with Ziggy Marley)
  • Ends Of The Earth
  • Gulf Moon
  • Island Rain
  • Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season (with Jimmy Buffett)
  • We’re All Here
  • Better Boat (featuring Mindy Smith)

And for those of you who missed it, here is the album’s title track in its entirety:

25 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney Continues to Support St. John”

  1. For years we have been Kenny fans from Boston. We have been to the Islands, mostly St John many times, had drinks with Quiet Mon Kenny hoping Kenny C would pop in. We were there just before Irma, lucky to be one of the last to see its splendor along with 14 of our friends (most of which have never been) . Since then, we have witnessed a true Saint take immediate command and “spread the love” in ways we never could. His love for these Islands has literally changed their lives and all of ours who also love and visit often. Thank you, Thank you Kenny!!! I will buy 10 copies of “Song For The Saints” and give them as gifts. See you in March!! Jonny & Kym

  2. Just an incredible person. No words can describe adequately what Kenny has done and continues to do for St. J. Thank you Kenny!

  3. Loving forward today,
    What a wise investment.
    Receiving hearts grow gratitude,
    And give back what heaven sent.
    Finding will and strength,
    from selfless love received.
    And answering so clearly,
    why we all believe.

    Thank you for loving on us, Kenny Chesney!

  4. Kenny,
    I know you follow this blog and read the comments.
    You did an awesome acoustic show at the hogs breath in Key West, might it be too much to ask to do the same kind of thing on the beach in Cruz Bay????
    The No Shoes Nation would LOVE it.
    You are the man Kenny!!!!

    • I could not agree more. Being a fellow Minnesotan , our Minnesota nice does nothing in comparison to Kenny Chesneys devotion , love and unselflessness he has toward the Islsnds. Wish I could go in person and help out

  5. I’ve never listened to his music – I prefer Jazz and reggae – but I will now! I’ll purchase this album and stream it as many times as possible.
    Kenny Chesney is a wonderful human being!

    • Jheri, also highly recommend you listen to the “Be As You Are” and “Life On A Rock” CDs. If you love the Islands you’ll love the songs! Enjoy!

  6. KC is truly a Saint. I saw him last month in concert for the first time and I was in tears as the videos of the animals he rescued steamed across the screen. God bless you Kenny

  7. Thank you Jenn, and Kenny for all you have done and continue to do for St John, and all of the Saints! I know first hand that everyone is trying to be reached, to bring the entire island back, not just for our visitors, but for all who live here. Meaghan is doing an incredible job. Will be purchasing your new record for gifts as well! You keep me inspired!

  8. I can only say when we were in St John in April, everyone was so thankful for Kenny and what he did to help all these people and animals!! We loved being a fan of his and seeing him in the Woodlands May 17th was the best show ever!! We love you Kenny and truly appreciate all you are doing and have done for the Islands!! Much love!!

  9. I heard Kenny play live in Key West, at a few of the famous local bars many years ago. There’s never an admission charge & he’s friendly & kind, not to mention immensely entertaining & talented. He comes across as down to earth & quietly generous. We locals love it when he plays, & when he takes time to let you talk to him for a minute to thank him for his music & generosity. He truly is a charitable human being. It must be hard to be that famous & have no anonymity.

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