St. John archeologist’s other talent

Ken Wild is best known as the archeologist in residence at the Virgin Islands National Park.  He's been pawing the ground, literally, at Cinnamon Bay and in the Park since 1995.  That's when he and his wife and daughter arrived.

In a profile published by the St. John Source, Wild's other interest was revealed, although it's hardly been a secret.  He's a painter.  And a good one.  Good enough that his works are on display in many villas as well as available for purchase at the Michael Banzhaf Gallery.

Wild often does his painting on the beach.  "It's my way of relaxing," he told the Source.  "I like painting outside because I like the way the light hits the canvas."

He is a fascinating guy, which we found out first-hand when we joined him on a Friends of the Park cruise around the north shore of the island.  Wild is as comfortable on the water, pointing out ruins on lnd, as he is supervising students sifting for artifacts at Cinnamon Bay.  When you;re at the Park, make it a point to find him.  He'll be happy to tell you about plans for a new archeological museum at Cinnamon, too.

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