Keep Left

I finished Mike Mullen’s book, “Keep Left”, in about two days. 

His story of building a house at Rendezvous Bay is both entertaining and, in a macabre way, instructional.  Keepleft_2Anyone who rents a St. John house will have a new appreciation for it after they see what Mullen went through to get his place done.  He doesn’t sugar coat the story.  Not everything on St. John is cute.  Some of it is downright irritating and stupid.  But, having gone through the building process ourselves, who are we to quarrel with him?

Anyway, the Keep Left title is great because for some people, driving on the left side of the road is just too damn difficult.  This picture is proof that one of Bob O’Connor’s car rental customers failed the test.

6 thoughts on “Keep Left”

  1. I have no idea where this book can be found. Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble all list it as out of stock, with none expected.
    I did find a listing at hotbooksale.com, but they show the availability as 14 days, which I take to mean they don’t have any copies either. And I’ve never dealt with them before, so I’m hesitant to give them my credit card number and wait.

  2. Mike is selling the book himself – below there are two ways to get a copy
    http://www.keepleft.com or
    Mike Mullen
    P.O. Box 1287
    Aspen, CO 81612 make sure name and address are on the check.
    He sent mine quickly and included an autograph – quick and entertaining read

  3. Mike`s book can also be found
    in Cruz Bay. I think I saw it for sale at I think it`s called the Spice shop,,, upstairs and on your right after ferry dock and web cam.

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