How Katilady puts the ‘Welcome’ in baskets

Everybody’s gotta eat, even if they are on vacation. 

That simple fact, and the fact that many of St. John’s visitors have money or want to splurge, may be behind the fact that there are at least four catering businesses on island.  Each will provision your villa before you arrive, have a private chef prepare a great meal for you in the villa, or maybe even prepare a beach picnic
for you.

Perhaps the oldest catering business is Katilady, owned by Katherine Steinborn.  She started 10 years ago, by herself in a 12-foot-by-12-foot efficiency apartment, putting together "Welcome Baskets" of snacks and drinks and delivering them to rental homes.  Now, Katilady has 18 full- and part-time employees.

Edika Franco
is one of the chefs who recently joined Katilady. In this week’s St. John Radio show, she and Steinborne talk about how they cook up their business.

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You can also download or hear the conversation by clicking here.

Other catering services on island include:

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