Island Blues update

This just in from Jeff Hayes: in essence, "nothin' to it!'


"Well it's Summer on the island and things are getting boring so to make things interesting people seem to like to manufacture rumors and create a frenzy.

"No Island Blues is not for sale! No we did not lose our lease. Yes the signs on the ceiling are safe and sound.

"That said everyone has a price. Does someone want to make me an offer? 😉


3 thoughts on “Island Blues update”

  1. I suggest passing the hat amongst homeowners in the surrounding hills. The prospect of peace and quiet may just get the bar owner his price.

  2. I love this place. I sit there and get shi* faced on a daily basis. Everyone should come to the island for the cheap booze and cigs.

  3. That’s good news, there not many places on that side – it would suck to lose one. Speaking of which, that place next to CocoLoba plaza that has been vacant for years and looks like it might have been a nice restaurant at one time – any news on that place?
    And I saw some construction/renovations stuff going on in May at that other vacant place at the beginning of the road that goes to Coral Corral/Fortsberg.

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