July 8th COVID Update: Another Surge in Testing Results…….

July 8th COVID Update: Another Surge in Testing Results…….

There has been a surge in COVID testing on St Croix, St Thomas, and St John.

Unfortunately St Croix continues to see positive tests, and to a lesser extent St Thomas.

  • Over the last two weeks St Croix has gone from a total of 37 positive tests on June 28th, to 71 positive tests on July 7th.
  • Over the same time period, St Thomas has gone from a total of 40 positive tests to a total of 47 positive tests.
  • Very good news on St John.  St John had ZERO positive tests in that same time period.

This isn’t necessarily a result of limited testing.  We had 10 negative tests in a single day, and 26 negative tests of the time period in question.

July 8th COVID Update: Another Surge in Testing Results....... 1

(an additional negative test was reported on July 7th)

So despite the Governor opening up the doors to travel, and surges of positive tests on the other islands, we have done a good job in preventing infection and spread of the virus.

That doesn’t mean we should let our guard down.  We will have positive tests again in the future.

But if we continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing, we can continue to do better than other areas of the country.

3 thoughts on “July 8th COVID Update: Another Surge in Testing Results…….”

  1. This is sad news for St. Croix and St. Thomas. We are very grateful to hear the St. John results. I have read of many travelers who, very sadly, gave up their trip this year because of the coronavirus. Could it be that the sorts of people who LOVE St. John love it enough to avoid the risk of bringing in the virus? I could be convinced of that. Please, all our St.John friends, stay safe and healthy. Someday……

  2. Our cases as of July 8th on STJ has risen to 6. Prior to opening up to tourists we were at 2(both travel related) I have spent time in Cruz Bay over the past month and have noticed that some tourists and locals still don’t wear masks when walking around and don’t social distance. They don’t wear masks when walking into restaurants and going to the restrooms. It is required here. We have a very fragile healthcare system in the USVI. If this starts to spread- we will die due to the lack of hospitals , beds, treatments and ventilators. Please be respectful to our people and these beautiful islands. If you can’t respect the rules – please don’t come.

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