Jost Van Dyke Ferry Services to Begin on March 4

Jost Van Dyke Ferry Services to Begin on March 4

Good Morning, Good Morning!  I received a ‘love note” from Inter Island Boat Services on Valentine’s Day morning that said we can expect to hop on a ferry to Jost beginning on March 4!  In the original post about the ferry services, the boat company that operates daily between Cruz Bay and Crown Bay had hoped to get this international service up and running by February 15.  Well, I warned you about the island time…But, they have officially announced a March 4 start date for service between Cruz Bay, Red Hook and Jost Van Dyke!

Jost Van Dyke Ferry Services to Begin on March 4 1

Here are the details…

  • Guest Requirements
    • All guests will need to be fully vaccinated and have proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours of departure.  All guests who are of age to be vaccinated will have to follow these requirements.  The boat service company is using the same guidelines as the CDC for the kiddos.
  • Schedule
    • Tuesday, Friday and Sunday departing Red Hook at 7:30 AM and then Cruz Bay at 8AM.  The boat will depart Jost Van Dyke at 3:30PM to head back to the USVI.
  • Testing
    • There is free pop-up testing in the gravel lot in Cruz Bay that will work for the Friday departures.  Testing can also be done at the Community Medical Laboratory in Red Hook for $100 (Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30AM-3PM – Phone:  340-776-7444)
  • Costs
    • The ferry trip is $120 per person round trip and $30 per person for BVI customs fees ($150 total per person).

A few other details…They are NOT initially offering services to overnight guests until the testing requirements change because there is no testing facility on Jost Van Dyke.  These tickets are for day trips/round trip only.  Also, the company is working to obtain testing kits that are acceptable by the BVI AND affordable for guests.  So, stay tuned on these other evolving changes.

Tickets go on sale on February 21 on the Inter Island Boat Services website.  Soggy Dollar & Foxy- We are coming for you!

Jost Van Dyke Ferry Services to Begin on March 4 2


9 thoughts on “Jost Van Dyke Ferry Services to Begin on March 4”

  1. Which lot is “the gravel lot in Cruz Bay”? Is that the car ferry lot by the tennis courts? Or the lot at the intersection of King and Prince? I’m thinking it’s the former…

  2. Thanks for the update. We have been to Jost many times prior to Irmaria and COVID. We are traveling to STJ with our Son and DIL at he end of April for 12 days, and would love to take them over, but I’m not sure it makes any financial sense! If you can’t get free testing, $100 seems crazy. Ferry + Custom Fees= $600. Lunch, Painkillers and a few purchases= Approx. $1000 for the day. And do you really need to get USVI Travel Portal clearance to return? Just saying!!! Seems like kind of a money grab on the Ferry service.

  3. So, can you please clarify the return requirements? Do you have to clear with the USVI portal? Do you have to test again to return to the mainland US because you have left the territory? Thanks

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