Join Steve Simon in Iraq

If the sandy beaches of St. John aren’t enough for you, how about desert in the Middle east?

Bluzapalooza, the world-famous Blues concert co-produced by the island’s Music Man, Steve Simon, is offering one person a ringside seat to its appearances in Kuwait and Iraq in December.  The winner will spend two days in Kuwait and attend the concert for US troops, and then be issued camouflage Kevlar vests and helmets and fly via an Air Force C-130 to the Green Zone. In Iraq, they will stay at one of Sadam Hussein’s former palaces.

“You and all Blues performers will spend the following week touring military installations in Iraq, meeting and greeting our troops, learning about what they do and seeing things that most Americans never see,” Simon explained in a news release. “You will enjoy your exclusive position as an embedded Bluzapalooza journalist” during the concert.

There’s a contest entrance fee of $100.  Details on can be found here: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=321159539&blogID=419520186

2 thoughts on “Join Steve Simon in Iraq”

  1. So you’d have to pay $100, and the WINNER gets to go to Iraq?? OoooKay…. Those Kevlar vests ain’t just for the heck of it! How about winning a trip to St John? MUCH better!!!!

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