Jake’s warms up Chilly Billy’s

Chilly Billy’s is gone from the Lumberyard in Cruz Bay but it has been replaced by a breakfast spot called Jake’s.  The St. John Sun Times says “Jake’s is Jake.” 

In a review, written after three visits, the newspaper’s staff applauded quick in-and-out service (less than an hour), generous portions, and “above-average marks for the food.”  The menu is simple, unlike so many newly-opened restaurants on island.  Eliminating complexity is a good thing. 

“Eggs come out looking like eggs, omelets don’t have truffle oil, and the coffee is decent but not awesome (but then again, it doesn’t cost $4 either),” the review explained.  Among the best items on the breakfast menu, served 7am to 1 pm, is an over sized flour tortilla with eggs, tomato, onion and cheese, accompanied by home fries and “an outrageously fresh and lively salsa.”  At $10, the newspaper calls it a steal.

In other restaurant news, there’s a report that one of the best chefs on the island, Walter Hinds, has taken an option on the old Tage restaurant space, across from the Winston Wells Ballfield.  (Hinds, an award winner, formerly worked at the Stone Terrace.) The location is simply awful, lots of traffic and noise, but former owner/chef Ted Robinson showed that negative can be overcome with skill and talent.

Speaking of Tage, Ted is ramping up his efforts at Starfish Market.  In a posting at the St. John Sun Times Web site, Lvnlife said, “Ted’s Robinson’s dinner food is AWESOME and reasonably priced – finally – affordable food on St. John! I had got a HUGE piece of roasted veggie focaccia for $5, and added some very tasty asparagus and mushrooms as side dishes, and had a meal fit for a queen."

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