It’s Chesney time


Kenny Chesney has a new album set for release Jan. 25 and it is laden with references to St. John.  Some folks wish the singer, who has a home at Peter Bay, would stop drawing attention to the island, and that visitors would stop asking where they can find him. The singer has been known to mix libations at Morgan’s Mango and the Beach Bar while he’s on island. 

"When I went down  to the islands, I didn’t know what I was going to find," he says on his Web site. "I think the pace and the people have allowed  me to just quietly get in touch with who I really am and the things that matter to me."

The new tracks include plenty of references to St. John, plus TWO versions of "Old Blue Chair," the song which refers, reportedly, to a chair Chesney found on the beach below his house – and in which he sits, contemplates, and writes.  Some of the  lyrics: ""He’s an island boy, living a stone’s throw from St. Croix, he’s finally found his piece of serenity" and "Oh I wish I was there at night, on Jost Van Dyke , sippin’ on some Foxy’s firewater rum"

You can hear clips of the new album AND see videos of Kenny with his shirt off, here

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  1. Hi, just read the article that talked about Chesney. I feel sorry for the guy for the way that the locals feel. He didn’t ask for all the fame and glory. He just enjoys what he does for a living. He travels to St. John to get away from all of the hustle and bustle trying to be a plain joe. If so many people are flocking to the islands hoping to find him, then I can imagine the money the tourisism industry is bringing in. Everyone should be glad of that.

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