Caswell – must see in Coral Bay

ACaswellIt's no surprise that St. John has an amazing number of artists. There are painters, photographers, potters, jewelry designers, wood carvers, writers and poets, video makers, graphic designers, and so on.

Well, the Inquiring Iguana just stumbled upon a terribly talented woman in Coral Bay, about whom he didn't know and hadn't heard.

She wrote an e-mail asking about advertising with NewsofStJohn.com. Since we've got a hold on new advertisers (we're full up!), we can't help on that front. But we sure can help on the editorial side because this is one person visitors should know about.

Dog-necklace-125x1-tmbAnnie Caswell paints, designs necklaces, sculpts, does photography, teaches how to make spirit dolls and also (in her spare time) applies her art to gift bags. 

Numbr-37-web-traveller"There is no separating art from life for me. My life is art," she wrote on her Web site."Exploring my creativity with passion and introspection fuels my soul."

She describes herself as a self-taught painter with an associate's degree in photography and a BA with a cultural studies minor.

Caswell spends most of her time on St. John, but also goes often to Burlington, Vt. She says she enjoys sculpting in sand – or snow!

7 thoughts on “Caswell – must see in Coral Bay”

  1. We bought my husbands at Jolly Dog in 09, I’m not sure if they still have them. Are you aware of all the “Dip” signs that have been altered to say things like “Skinny Dip”? Annie made a t-shirt with them all on it. Very Cool.

  2. Thanks so much Laurie! Appreciate the feedback. Yes, I have most of the signs while I photograph around the island. Just love the quirky things of St. John. That’s part of what I love! 🙂

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