Jimmy Buffett may be gone, but Batali’s back!

Batali2From the Rich and Famous desk:

It’s been a long time since there have been sightings of Jimmy Buffett on the island, but it seems like just yesterday that celebrity chef Mario Batali was spotted.

In fact, it was just last weekend, according to postings on TripAdvisor and even the big man himself uploading to Facebook.

Last March, the chef Batali enjoyed statying at Caneel Bay and dined at Fatty Crab and La Tapa.  This year, he sampled the fare at the Terrace Restaurant and La Tapa, again, according to postings on TripAdvisor.

 “We sat next to him (and his family) Saturday night at La Tapa," said Cleobeach1. “And yes, he had on the orange Crocs.”

The next night was Terrace-time. “I'm 90% sure we had dinner next to him tonight (Sunday) at The Terrace,” said Clmocs. “I couldn't tell what he ordered … but there was much wine at his table and a bit of a production with the wine tastings for each new bottle. Not anything over-the-top but it was what drew my attention to the table in the first place.”

Evidence suggests Batali stayed at Caneel Bay.  The evidence, you ask?  From the great man himself’s Facebook page. He also posted this picture on Twitter, commenting, “Ahhhhhhh….”


9 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett may be gone, but Batali’s back!”

  1. Batali is NO FRIEND of restaurant workers. To even extol the virtues of the “head to toe” carnivore is rather disappointing. He consumes his workers as well, in my opinion….
    I dined at Baffo many many times when going to Carnagie Hall and the Village in NYC…but no more…
    “Caught skimming the tip pool
    Very disappointing story about Mario Batali and his partner who were caught taking money out of the tip pool for servers, bus boys, etc. and have agreed to settle for $5.25 million”
    Read this:
    and this:

  2. Dan, you don’t even know the guy, you believe everything you read, you have no idea what it is like to have a target on your back running a business, don’t be a hater, Batali coming to St John is great for island don’t ya think, I’m sure he is telling all his friends how great it is here which is good for the economy, it easy to criticize from a far, grow up and see the big picture, have you ever even worked in a restaurant

  3. FYI big shot Dan its Babbo not Baffo are you sure you were there, your credibility is in question…keep up on hating people that bring money to our island, that makes since, who else do you not like……if anything it’s a compliment to St John since he came back it’s not like he’s the type of person who is hanging in South Beach……

  4. Anyways, this is not the first time Batali and family have stayed at Caneel. They were there 2000 or 2001. Can’t remember which at the moment but I’m sure since I worked there at the time.

  5. I know Batali.
    Who are you anyway? You are hiding behind an anonymous name…are you Batal?
    I have met and spoken with Batali at Baffo and am a former Marriott F&B/Executive Chef. I have spoken with workers at Baffo and Batali has a well known temper…
    I DO know what I am talking about when it comes to his past employment tactics….you dont pay 5.25 million in penalties because you are a nice person..
    I suggest you reserve your praise for others chefs who treat employees with respect.
    Sure Batali can come….but his treatment of his employees is reprehensible.

  6. Yeah and I am tired of poseurs who hde behind fake names and or “anonymous” Until you idetify yourself and your affliation to Batali….I don’t trust a word you say.
    Apologies for typos regarding name….I often hit the “F” for “B”….

  7. Is this guy bragging about being a hotel / clipboard chef?
    Does he think MB has time to respond to his comments, hello?, ego check dude, guy has like 20 + restaurants. Is everyone who settles a law suite not a nice person? Is it possible he had some bad people on his team who made bad decisions? Marriot would have fired Mr Dan for being so reckless with negativity, strange coming from a guy who has an online business, not a great move dude. I’m gonna make a reservation at Lupa now. Ate at Babbo last week, sold out since 1998 30 days in advance…….staff seemed happy.

  8. Bottom line is that Batlali is not a nice person in my opinion…and as long as you post with a fake name….who knows…maybe you are Batali posting?
    What restaurantieur in NYC has paid a 5.25 million dollars settlement because it screwed employees…not me…Batali…
    Go and eat at Batali’s holdings….support someone who, in my opinion, abuses his workers.
    Says more about you than me eh?
    So—who are you really? What is your real name?
    I still think you are Batali…
    Why do you hide?
    I don’t…

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