A possible buyer for Maho?


The Blog of Maho says a couple of people were sniffing around the property few weeks ago.

“We were informed by the land owners that they have recently concluded initial discussions with a buyer,” the blog said.  And the owners said the “buyer” wanted to send people to do a site and environmental inspection.

“They walked the entire property, taking pictures and samples, asking questions and taking notes.”

Caution:  the blog said "initial discussions".  It's possible there is no deal, but that some interested folks wanted to do some 'due diligence'.

"And that’s all anyone knows.  

"We still have no clue what is going to happen to the campground, who the buyer is or their intentions.”

So, everything goes on as it was planned.  Maho said it is is taking reservations “for one last great season and then (will) close our tent flaps on May 15, 2013.”

7 thoughts on “A possible buyer for Maho?”

  1. Heaven help the tranquility and honesty of the island if those sniffers were secret snoopers from Ritz Carlton oranization or some such hotel/resort group. The idea of all the perriferals accomanying that scenario would be the contunued ruination of the whole of Maho and Francis Bays. Our opinion. We are interested if there are regulations keeping development like this out of the “park”areas.

  2. St John will continue to go the way of other Caribbean islands……..over build, cruise ships & the like. It’s close proximity to the US is a disadvantage. Glad I had the opportunity to visit, many times, in the late 80s & through the 90s. Fond memories of a place that will never be the same.

  3. I agree with you – it will ruin St. John, I am afraid it will be the beginning of the end. I also would like to know if there are any regulations to keep developers out of the “park areas”.

  4. We first went to STJ in the 80s and fell in love with it. We stayed at Maho on our first few trips, so it has a special place in our hearts. I always thought that the sight of concrete monstrosities on the hills at Maho would be the end of the island that we fell in love with. But I’ve come to realize that’s already happened. It’s a different island now and attracts a different kind of tourist. Some of the folks who love STJ now wouldn’t have liked what it was in the 80s. And some of the people who fell in love with the island in the 80s are just saddened by what it’s become. There’s really no place for something like Maho on STJ anymore.

  5. Good riddance; the island doesn’t need the tree hugging, resource draining super nerds that Maho attracts. Put in some fancy villas so us uber cool, rich and well endowed guys can enjoy the place. Oh, and by the way, put up a big fence to keep the trash out.

  6. When Cuba opens up to the U.S., being only 90 miles from Florida vs. nearly 1,000 for the V.I., you won’t have to worry about “tranquility.” It’ll be pretty “quiet.” Tourism will be hit hard. Most people don’t realize that Cuba is over 800 miles long, and while a few thousand tourists visited the V.I. annually back in the 1950’s, Cuba was the go-to vacation spot. If this doesn’t figure somehow into V.I. planning, the Gov’t. is making yet another colossal mi$take.

  7. I agree with Richard.Super Nerds is a understatement.We need progress.Jim the 70’s and 80’s are long gone.”Get over it”. Ann,I am sick and tired of hearing how the island has changed. My wife and myself have been comming to st.john since the mid 80’s (25 times). Sure it is not the same,as everything in the world has changed. All you tree huggers,pitch a tent in the woods,eat mangos,shut up once and for all!!!

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