Islands Magazine Names Best Beaches

sandy spit

Islands Magazine just put out a list of the beach beaches in the Caribbean and, shockingly, none from our little slice of heaven made the cut. Several from our neighboring islands did, however, and chances are you’ve probably had your toes in the sand on one or two of them, if not more. Therefore we thought we’d let you all in on the best Caribbean beaches per Islands Magazine. The beaches were rated based on access, privacy, sand texture, shade and the all important castaway factor.

1. The Baths

baths pic
The Baths in nearby Virgin Gorda topped the list at number one. Here’s what the magazine had to say about this awesome spot:

It isn’t just the trees off the beach that provide shade — the boulders offer cover too, and how many places this side of the Seychelles can claim that? It’s possible to get to The Baths by car or by boat (preferred, if you charter one). Then you squeeze between the rocks to claim a very cool slice of the Caribbean’s best beach.

And here’s no surprise … White Bay on Jost Van Dyke made the list too, taking the number 11 spot. Here’s what they had to say:

11. White Bay

soggy pic
This beach on Jost Van Dyke is famous thanks to the Soggy Dollar Bar, whose fame is tied to the Painkiller drink, which was born here in the 1970’s. The rum cocktail has its own fan club, and its recipe on our website is visited more than our entire BVI online guide. As for White Bay Beach itself, there’s no better place to get soggy sipping painkillers.

Neighboring St. Thomas took two spots – numbers 17 and 24. Check out what they said about each:

17. Hans Lollick

hans lollick

It takes some determination to get onto this sand. Photographer Zach Stovall has rented a boat to do so, and he wasn’t disappointed in the end result. The sand is more yellow than white (the jokes about yellow snow do not apply here) and the exclusivity is the main attraction. One of the ideal places for a Caribbean picnic.

24. Magen’s Bay

magens bay
You could make cases that Waterlemon Cay on St. John or Turtle Beach off St. Croix should also be representing the USVI on our list. But we have to give the nod for this spot Magens Bay, with a public beach that sits back in a deep cove where the water is as brilliant as it is warm.

And the last one of our neighbors to take the cake is Sandy Spit, a very cool little island off of Jost Van Dyke. Here’s what they said on that:

22. Sandy Spit

sandy spit
You need a boat. Forget about facilities. And as for a beach walk, you’ll circle back to your starting point in about seven minutes. So what gives? This beach, spitting distance from Jost Van Dyke, taps a reservoir of island fantasies deep in our psyche: lost and loving it; marooned by choice. We’ve all dreamed of such things. It’s why Sandy Spit, which measures less than a half acre, has landed on the the cover of Islands several times.

So we’re curious… What’s your favorite beach on one of St. John’s neighboring islands? Let us know in the comments section or over on our Facebook page.

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  1. Good, I am glad because my kids blame me for too many people on SJ !! Really, who would want to go to an island with beautiful beaches, great people, loud treefrogs, etc!! LOL Happy Holidays St John !!!

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