Island Update:  Off Season has Arrived on St. John

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John

The beginning of September has brought with it a stillness to St. John.   The crowds have finally subsided and many restaurants have closed for some well deserved time off for their staffers at this point.  Many boats have retreated from the waters surrounding St. John for the hurricane season months.  But those who remain are enjoying crystal clear and calm waters.  And the island remains well hydrated and popping with lush, green foliage.  So I wanted to take a moment to share a few of those updates and photos with you!

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 1
Not many boats in the bays these days!

When we released the restaurant report in July, I knew September was going to be a quiet month in restaurant land!  Just recently, I received a few updates from restaurant owners with new closing dates.  Here’s the updated list in regards to who is closed this month:

Banana Deck – Re-opening TBD

Beach Bar – Closed September 5-13

Lovango Rum Bar – re-opening September 14

Colombo’s Smoothies – Closed September 6-20

18.64 The Restaurant – Re-opening October 5

Cafe Roma – Closed September 8-October 8

Dave and Jerry’s Steakhouse – Closed September 8-October 8

Drink St. John – Re-opening TBD

Extra Virgin Bistro – Closed through October 15

Irie Pops – Re-opening October 11

Joe’s Rum Hut – Re-Opening TBD

La Tapa – Re-opening November 11

Lime Inn – Re-opening October 4

Lime Out – Re-Opening October 5

Lovango Resort + Beach Club – Re-Opening December 15

Miss Lucy’s – Closed through mid-November

Oceans 362 – Re-Opening mid-October

Pizza Pi – Re-opens mid-November

Quiet Mon Pub – Closed through September

Shaibu’s Garden Oasis and Shaibu’s Grab and Go – Closed through October 5

Pizza Bar in Paradise – Closing September 11 until TBD

Skinny Legs – Re-Opening on Halloween

Provisions – Re-Opening October 12

The Terrace – Re-opening mid-September

Woody’s – Closed until September 17

ZoZo’s – Re-Opening mid-December

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 2
High Tide is the on-the-beach option right now for food and drinks.

Phew!  Ok, so that’s a lot of restaurants that will be closed for some time this month.  But, if you are visiting over the next few weeks, please check out the full list for the up to date hours on the spots that ARE open for business through the fall.  If some of your favorites are closed during your time on island, take a chance and try something new!

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 3
The gang at Salty Mongoose – Masked up and open for business through the off-season

The Windmill Bar just expanded their food menu and are serving up lunch and dinner seven days a week from 11am-8pm.  There are a TON of local food options that popped up over the past year or so and will be open for business this fall.  Check out the Love City Cafe in Coral Bay near the old Pickle’s in Paradise, Smitty’s Island Breeze in Susannaberg or Heading East in that same neighborhood.  Take the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone…Maybe you’ll find a new favorite to add to your “must stop” on St. John list 🙂

On the plus side, if you are visiting us this month, the water is absolutely STUNNING right now.  “Glass like” conditions are common this time of year as the Caribbean breezes slow to a stand still.  It is an absolutely excellent time of year to hop on a power boat or get out on a dive trip.  The water is so, so transparent without the churn of the currents and the winds and makes for incredible underwater experiences.  Check out the complete list of charter boats that are currently operational through the off season if you are visiting soon and looking to get out on the water.

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 4

Oh, and to enjoy that beautiful water, you won’t have to fight for a parking spot right now.  Despite projections for a busy off-season, St. John is so, so quiet at present.  With a low number of visitors currently on island and many businesses closed and staffers off island for an annual vacation, St. John is quiet and pristine.  Beaches are empty, trails are not at all crowded and it is a perfect time of year to enjoy the natural beauty of Love City.

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 5

Downtown Cruz Bay seems almost a ghost town in comparison to the late spring crowds that seemed to be never ending…

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 6
A busy ferry dock in Cruz Bay – April 8, 2021
Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 7
The ferry dock last week!

So, it’s nice to get a little of that off season deep breath that we all look forward to every year.  One of the bonuses to living on St. John year round is that you almost always get at least a little tidbit of the fall months to enjoy the peace and quiet that this beautiful island used to be.  And with Hurricane Larry out in the Atlantic Basin having taken a hard right to the north and no other storm systems posing an immediate threat, it seems we will all be enjoying some easy beach days without a hassle of fighting the crowds.  For a little bit at least 🙂

I would like to thank Leah Randall Hansen of Flyaway Charters for submitting a lot of the amazing photos for this post!  Stay tuned later this week for another story involving this lovely and ambitious lady, a shipwreck and history being made in Coral Bay.

Island Update: Off Season has Arrived on St. John 8

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  1. St. John reefs need more then stillness, they need restrictions. Shut down certain reefs for a few years. For growth and repair. They need help after over use. I have never seen the reefs so bad of shape after visiting most of the reefs.

  2. Excellent post. I will be on the island the first week of November. I love feeling the winds when I am on the island, do the winds pick up at all by that time? I’ve never been on the island during that time. Thanks!

  3. Have been to ST. JOHN for the past 22 years , wish other visitors would respect the coral, it gets worse every year , as i see party boats full of guest stand on the coral , certainly boats that visit HONEY MOON beach area

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