Island rental car fleet to double


More cars soon come. St. John Car Rental is one of the companies which will benefit from an increase in the rental car quota.

The number of car rental companies on St. John is likely to increase by 50% and the
number of rental cars will rise by 100%

That's the bottom line on an announcement from the director of the Motor Vehicle Bureau.  

The St. John Source reports that Jerris Browne plans to double the current quota of 625 rental cars. Nearly half the new permits have already been spoken for by 16 current rental car companies and nine people who also want to get into the business, the Source reported.

The Motor Vehicle Bureau's Browne said the number of rental cars authorized on the island has not changed zsince 1994.

Re ntal companies have been asking for more vehicles for years. Some say they ran out of cars to rent which led to people bringing cars from St. Thomas across the Sound.

Albert Willis, owner of St. John Car Rental, was quoted saying, "I'm happy because we need to be able to provide the service for our customers.

The Inquiring Iguana says, most places, doubling the available inventory would raise the possibility prices might drop. The entry of 50% more sellers would also create competition and perhaps also lower prices. Anybody wanna bet?

20 thoughts on “Island rental car fleet to double”

  1. St John is becoming just another big tourist visited island. Time to seek out a quieter, more laid back place: Dominica, Tobago, etc.

  2. Just because the quota has been increased doesnt necessarily mean it is going to happen. Rental car companies must have the capital to buy these vehicles and according to them (per your reporting a couple months back), they are hurting financially from the airport rental agencies.

  3. I hope all of them are plug in electic vehicles for your sake. Untill they’re available I’ll walk, ride a bicycle or take public transport.

  4. The car rental companies need to get a clue. We rent everytime we come down – about twice a year. About the 3rd time we rent we get a crappy, unsafe, falling apart car. We don’t expect a luxury vehicle. But we do expect a car that is in good mechanical condition. And it’s wrong that (sometimes) we get additional fees for no rhyme or reason. The car rental companies in SJ need to have customer loyalty. So listen up all you newcomers – we will be repeat customers – it’s money in the bank people!

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  6. Really its a great news that more number of cars will be added in car rental service of St.John. This will definitely help the customers to avail more facilities from the car rental companies.As well as they will be able to visit more places in a cheaper rates.

  7. Pity about this. i’m sure it will increase tourism but who wants a beautiful island to be damaged by cars? Rather rent a bicycle or what about gold carts? I know in the Bahamas everyone gets around in golf carts.

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