Island landmark disappears

O’Connor’s Texaco station is gone.  Really gone. 

Progress on construction of the new roundabout has now razed the old station and a new road surface has been laid down, to keep traffic moving while the project continues. 

Inez, a deputy Inquiring Iguana, snapped these photos of the construction site, Roundabout_2adding that for a time at least Centerline Road, in front of Dolphin Market, has been closed.  
She also said it appears the parking spaces in front of Dolphin are about the be eliminated, too.

Wow!  What a mess.

RoundaboutAnd on top, this month has been a busy. busy one on island as families have been Spring Break vacationing. 

“Good for the local businesses,” Inez said, “ or at keast good for them if the tourists can figure out how to get to town, through the roundabout, and then find a place to park.”

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  1. so we are coming in May…any progress expected? how do you park at the Dolphin..and WHY exactly did they have to change everything?

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