Island Hopping in the USVI

Island Hopping in the USVI

Just because the BVI are closed for the time being, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great day on the water!  The USVI has plenty to offer in the way of views, water sports and food and beverage options.  A lot of charter companies have started pushing local day trips in recent years due to continuously rising customs fees and the amount of amazing USVI experiences that have popped up.

This weekend I was lucky enough to go sailing with one of my favorite captains on one of my favorite boats (I’ll get into more detail on that next week!).  It was a picture perfect day rounded out with an incredible sunset.  Enjoy the views!

Island Hopping in the USVI 1

We went snorkeling just south of St. Thomas and saw some true underwater beauty.  On the back side of these rocks we explored remnants of a ship wreck and a sunken cannon!

After a few hours of floating with friends, we headed over to Water Island for lunch.  It’s a great alternative for a boat day now that the BVI is closed until at least September.  Dinghy’s is open and the staff was accommodating and excited to be back in business!

Island Hopping in the USVI 2

After a leisurely afternoon, we headed back towards St. John to soak in the golden hours and a magnificent sunset.

Island Hopping in the USVI 3

Island Hopping in the USVI 4

Island Hopping in the USVI 5

Island Hopping in the USVI 6

Island Hopping in the USVI 7

Oh, and I don’t think I’ve introduced you to my other half yet 🙂  This is Chewbacca (Chewy for short). He likes sailing and long walks on the beach.  I adopted him from the Animal Care Center 6 years ago and he is everyone’s favorite first mate!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Cannot wait to get back there again!
    An idea – how about pics of some of the out-of-the way islands, including where to visit ?
    We’ve been coming down to the islands for 30 years now and I know there’s more to see and experience

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos of our favorite island. The travelogues are always very nice to see, but some of us are missing the inside story stuff on St. John this blog used to carry–both good news and bad. Any chance that kind of coverage will resume?

  3. Hillary –
    I haven’t seen any recent news on the virus update tab; can you please provide us all with updates?

    Thank you!


  4. I agree with Claudia. I’d like updates as to the Summers End Coral Bay project, Caneel Bay negotiations, and Cinnamon Bay restoration status. Also news about restaurants opening and closing. News about new businesses opening Has the new gas station and store opened on Centerline? News about COVID— praying that tourists don’t bring it to our beloved St John. News like that would be much appreciated.

  5. Alternative to BVI? Why would you say this. Visitors should do charters and stay on the USVI. Bikinis beach bars is a relaxing resort feel bar/restaurant and amazing music Honeymoon beach .maho as you work there also has bar, food, music Lime out , pizza pie, water island dinghies, corky beech, Meghan Bay with bar restaurant. The List goes on Stay local, support local businesses!!

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