Island Hoppin’ – Marina Cay

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So as you may have read over on our Facebook page, my birthday was last Thursday. To celebrate, 11 friends and I popped over to the Bitter End Yacht Club for the weekend. And let me tell you, it was simply amazing!

We didn’t go straight there last Thursday, however. We did a little island hopping on our way up there with our friend Captain Mason on Residensea. And on our way up, we stopped at two great places – two places I had never been.

The first stop was Marina Cay. It’s a small little island on the northeast side of Tortola. It’s home to Pussers, both a store and restaurant, as well as a small hotel. Check out a few pics:

pussers store

chairs marina cay

bar sign

walkway marina cay



Looks beautiful, doesn’t it? We only spent about an hour or two there, but it was definitely a fun little stop, and I’m sure pretty almost every boat charter would happily bring you there.

From there, we stopped at Scrub Island, which was about a two minute boat ride away. Scrub has a higher end hotel, a pool and a water slide. Yes, you read that right – a water slide. From there, my birthday trip gets a tad hazy, but here are a couple of pics…


That’s me on the right and my fantastic friend Jackie on the left.
Now I’m not really sure if technically you’re allowed to use the water slide and pool if you’re not staying at Scrub, but in any event, I’d like to thank Scrub Island for letting us play for a bit on my birthday.

So if you can, plan to make a stop over at Marina Cay and Scrub Island the next time you’re in the area. It’s super fun. (And yes, this is pretty much a story about nothing today, folks.)

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  1. Marina Cay is a small but precious place, long known to those who have sailed the islands for years. Those of you still there, take care of precious, charming places such as this. Scrub Island was bought by Marriott a few years ago when another developer failed.

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