IRMA Anniversary Today

IRMA Anniversary Today

Here we are today on the anniversary of IRMA in the midst of a different type of storm unlike any other we have experienced in our lifetimes.

COVID has changed our lives in many ways and changed the island that we all love as much.  Unfortunately many aspects of COVID separate us physically; we can’t hug who we want to hug, and share space with strangers who we want to get to know.  And of course it has torn us apart spiritually and politically as well.

A St John business owner recently posted on facebook a question of what was worse COVID or IRMARIE?

Different people have different opinions based on their circumstances and experiences, but one thing that stood out in the responses is that the storms brought us together as people.  We weren’t fighting over politics, culture, masks, shutdowns, and tourism.  We were coming together to help one another, friends and strangers alike.

We encourage you today to take a day (or a week, or a year) off from disagreements and remember back what it was like to love one another in a time of need…..and maybe help a stranger.

Please remember by watching this post-storm video from Steve Simonsen.

5 thoughts on “IRMA Anniversary Today”

  1. What a great reminder of human kindness when it’s needed. Thanks for sharing this and hopefully it will reach the innermost parts of all of us. Our hearts❤️

  2. Thanks for posting this again. We all need to remember what the island and the residents went through. It breaks my heart to see this again, but STJ has come back strong. I’ve already booked my annual trip for 2021.

  3. It seems fitting that I watched this video on 09/11. Two of the most impactful events in my lifetime. Lest we forget the lives lost and the destruction both events brought, changing the landscape of NYC and STJ forever. Still bring tears to my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing.

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