iPhone owners get a holiday gift from AT&T

announced completion of an upgrade to its data network in the Virgin Islands. 

The next-generation, 3G network, is now available across the territory, according to a company spokeswoman in Puerto Rico.  Apple Computer’s newest iPhone model uses the 3G network. It's high-speed broadband wireless service that brings a whole host of services," she told the St. John Source. "We've tested and retested." 

7 thoughts on “iPhone owners get a holiday gift from AT&T”

  1. We have a home in Catherinberg on the N Shore… This area is about the only place ATT has no service. Roaming off the BVI tower is always a battle with ATT even though we have an unlimitted free roaming plan. Maybe Santa could put a tower on the N shore!

  2. Is Wifi available in any/many places on the island? Santa brought me an iTouch for Christmas and I’m wondering if I should bring it with me this year.

  3. Plenty of places … even many villas now have wifi. Public … try the Park in Cruz Bay(!) … Surf Da Web at the Marketplace sells access in 15 minute blocks … I think you’ll find you’ll be OK.

  4. Sounds like spoiled people complaining about the price for living in paradise. Stunning Beauty 24/7, slow or no network access. You can come to my house with the high-speed fiber on the telephone pole in the yard, I’ll take your place on the beach so my dive gear can quit collecting dust. : ]

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