Inner Visions plays up north

For a few summers, we’ve been visiting Maine.  And who should we find doing a concert in the small towns? Inner Visions,
St. John ‘s successful reggae group.  Turns out they love New England.
Well, this year they made two trips.  "We told our agent that we wanted
to play one more time (there) before we went home," said Philip "Grasshopper" Pickering, the lead vocalist for the band.  Inner Visions played in Round Pond Sept. 30, and in July at Damariscotta, where they also appeared last year.  The local newspaper, the Lincoln County News, profiled the group and its CDs including "Street Corner Musicians."


2 thoughts on “Inner Visions plays up north”

  1. can’t believe Inner Visions were performing in my hometown in ri while i was on st. john !!! hope they come back next yr..i’ll make sure i’m in town !! love them !!

  2. My Husband and I were on St Jan for two weeks, this past January and not once did we get to see Inner Visions play, I was VERY UPSET!!! however we did get to see them at The Iron Horse in Northampton Mass. September 13th [this was my birthday present to me] We will be on Island the end of October…hope to see them
    then! Did I mention They are totally AWSOME!

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