Information on Boat Removal in National Park

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Hello and happy Sunday! We received the following information from the National Park Service. They asked that we share it with all of you.

The National Park Service is working in coordination with U.S. Coast Guard and Federal Emergency Management Agency to address damaged vessels that have been displaced due to recent hurricane activity.

National Park Service crews are working to obtain a count and locate owners of displaced vessels within the boundaries of the Caribbean National Parks. Crews are also searching for and marking underwater debris that may create a navigation hazard. At this time, approximately 180 vessels have been identified, with an unknown amount that may be submerged. Most displaced vessels are located at St. John, Virgin Islands.

The displaced vessels resulting from recent hurricanes pose a threat to the environment and to the public. Any vessel that may be polluting the water or beach by leaking gasoline or fuel is a priority to safely remove, as well as vessels that may be hazards to navigation.

Prior to removal of any displaced vessel within park boundaries, vessel owners must contact the National Park Service via email at e-mail us, or provide written information to the park directly at the incident command post located at the visitor center at St. John. The following information is needed:

  • Vessel registration number,
  • Vessel name,
  • Current owner name, email address, mailing address, and phone,
  • Vessel location or moored location,
  • Date of removal or plan for removal, and
  • Description of markings.

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  1. I sincerely hope the NPS, ensconced in their lovely headquarters, aren’t sitting there hand in hand with DPNR waiting to pounce on people that had their boat, and in some cases their lives and all of their possessions destroyed by Irma and Maria.

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