Newly Launched Business Designed to Save You Time

IMG_161422939686337There’s a new business available to residents and guests that we’re pretty excited to tell you about … and we’re pretty excited to try it out too!

If you’re like me, you typically have a million things to do, yet simply not enough time to get it all done. So little things slip by like getting a package to the post office in a timely fashion, watering and trimming up the plants (mine on my little deck currently look atrocious), making that appointment or picking up a special gift from the store. Well we’re all in luck as a new service intends on helping us with all of that and more.

It’s called Infinity Personal & Business Services and their slogan is, “There’s no limit to what we can do for you.” Sign me up!

Corinna Magee is the brainchild behind this much-needed business. She lived on St. John for nearly her whole life, yet recently opened Infinity up on St. Thomas. It was, however, designed with St. John residents and visitors in mind, according to Corinna.

“I’ve probably been saying for the last 10 years, ‘I wish I could just have job running people’s errands.’ You know, helping them do all that miscellaneous stuff that they don’t have time to do themselves,” Corinna said. “I hate doing the same old thing every day. I love that the phrase ‘a typical day for me…‘ doesn’t apply to my work. On any given day, I could help a small business get organized with some bookkeeping, do some personal shopping, or do a little St. John/St. Thomas inter-island work travel … And everything in between! 

“I actually designed my services with St. John specifically in mind,” Corinna continued. “Having lived over there for most of my life, I understand what a pain it can be to have to come all the way over to St. Thomas for certain things. For example, sometimes a client’s time is better spent staying on St. John than coming to St. Thomas to deal with their business license, taxes, grocery shopping, etc. In addition, I think it’s an asset that I’m from St. John because people feel comfortable having someone they know and trust helping them out.”

Here is a sampling of the services Corinna offers:

  • General errands: provisioning, dry cleaning, mail services, etc.
  • Small business and administrative help: clerical, courier, billing, etc.
  • Personal shopping
  • Home watch: plant watering, pet checks, mail/package retrieval, etc.
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Pet care

To learn more about Infinity Personal & Business Solutions, pricing or to book an appointment, please visit www.goinfinityvi.com

2 thoughts on “Newly Launched Business Designed to Save You Time”

  1. At $20 per hour, her rates aren’t bad. There is a similar service where I live (Central PA) that charges $15 and he is busy all the time.

    She could give the provisioning services some competition. Last time we provisioned it was about $150 for the fee and delivery charge. Even if it took her four hours to shop, she would be about half of that.

    • Hey there!
      Thanks for your comment! You obviously took a look at the website, and I really appreciate that. However, I have to make a small clarification: My rates actually START at $20/hr. The cost for different services can vary. I do try best to be reasonable with the pricing of my services. If anyone would like a specific quote, they can definitely contact me.
      I’ll also try to more clearly state my hourly rate on the website. A few people have been a bit confused by that. Thanks again for your comment!

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