Illegals on island

It’s been going on for years.  Smugglers land on the East End. Illegal immigrants are their cargo. The U.S. Coast Guard reports they have intercepted 400 illegals in the VIs in the last six months. 

Last week, two Haitians were convicted of smuggling for hiding three migrants in an SUV on the car barge crossing from Cruz Bay to St. John. 

Migrants often fly from their homelands to Dominica where smugglers pick them up on sailboats headed to the Territory, according to a report by the Associated Press.  The Coast Guard told the AP that almost 75% of the illegals captured recently were Cubans, 11% Haitians, and 10% Chinese.

2 thoughts on “Illegals on island”

  1. Several years ago we counted 300 in one week on the East End. The East End Neighborhood Watch tried to get local police and Feds to do something about it to no avail. In the end, we got some federal action and the smuggling now seldom passes thru the East End….. to many eyes watching. Instead the drop is in the National Park btw. Haulover and Coral Bay. A good spot for smuggling as the donkeys have no neighborhood watch!

  2. Those damn donkeys better start organizing a watch group. They could enlist the help of the local pelicans for air support – heehee

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