A solution to ‘the iguana problem’

IguanaIguanas are no laughing matter. 

Word that the Westin Resort was conducting roundups of the lizards on its property, and ‘relocating’ them elsewhere on the island,  amused some people, angered others.

To the Westin, the iguanas were a nuisance at best, perhaps a possible concern for children at least.

But across the water, on Puerto Rico, they are a real problem – and a solution is to encourage people to eat iguanas.

“Iguanas are wracking havoc on the island, chewing up plants and crops and burrowing under roads and dikes,” the Wall Street Journal reported last month.  The lizards are “highly fertile”, too, and now “outnumber humans in this U.S. territory.”

Puerto Rico is encouraging entrepreneurs to establish iguana export businesses, to sell meat to “many Central Americans (who) go gaga for iguana.  They eat it roasted and in stews.”  One man sees the opportunity and has established Best Iguana Puerto Rico Meat, east of San Juan.

Boca Grande, Fl. has also had a problem with iguanas.  George Cera, the Original Iguana Hunter, has seen it up close and has written a book including “an ominous warning about (Iguanas’) impact on Florida's eco system. ”

Could iguanas be a threat to the ecology of St. John? What’s your opinion?

9 thoughts on “A solution to ‘the iguana problem’”

  1. They eat my very expensive plants, I want them gone. Just where is the Westin relocating them,I have never seen them before until about 2 years ago near coral bay. They better not be bringing them over here.

  2. Check out Iguana-Rid, this product has saved my expensive landscaping!!! I bought it at ABC Nursery on STT. Safe for your pets, birds and humans, non toxic and considered organic. Smells horrible, might want to spray it with the wind.

  3. i said eat them the first time this was brought up.
    i sure didn’t get many props then. in many places in the caribbean they are protected and it’s against the law to eat because they are such a delicacy.

  4. Ha Ha Ha!! So Funny but seriously, Wheren’t Iggy and his family there before people arrived? So they have right of ownership as native St Johnians.

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