If You Adore St. John Like I Do…

st john video 2

If you adore St. John like I do, then you’re going to absolutely love this video.

Jason Hubert is a local videographer who moved to St. John when he was just 22 years old. After spending some time on island, he returned to the states where he enrolled in law school. Jason again returned to St. John after passing his bar exam where he now creates videos for villas and charter boats.

Seriously, if you love St. John, then you’re going to love this video. 🙂 Check it out…

You can see more of Jason’s videos over on his Facebook page.  You can also check them out at www.StJohnVideos.com. If you’re interested in having Jason film your villa or charter boat, please contact him at (340) 690-4852 or [email protected]

10 thoughts on “If You Adore St. John Like I Do…”

  1. Love the videos. I just don’t want to see my property on line without my permission! (Drones are on the island……)

  2. great video, can’t wait to return. Where is the beach at 1 minute into the video, does not look like sandy spit.

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