New Cruz Bay marina would handle 100 boats

Slide If Paul Devine's suggestion for developing Cruz Bay come to pass, visitors would see a boardwalk from the Creek to the parking lot across from the Post office, as well as a walkway around the Cruz Bay beach.

Devine, director of the St. John Community Foundation, would also like to see the existing ferry dock doubled in length and 'finger piers' added to accommodate privately-owned boats.  He'd also like to see public bathrooms, showers and storage areas added to the existing ticketing building to accommodate sailors.

Another of his ideas would be to eliminate vendors in Cruz Bay (Powell) Park, across from the ferry dock, and the center of town.  That would be needed to "clear the way for improvements."

Devine presented these ideas, and others, at the recent Town Meeting on the future of the island's waterfront.  You can read his full comments by clicking this: Waterfront Plan Narrative

  • More about Paul Devine: here
  • St. John Community Foundation Web site: sjcf.org

5 thoughts on “New Cruz Bay marina would handle 100 boats”

  1. I don’t know what happened to my post but here’s the cliff note version.
    With all due respect to Mr Rutnik, this plan is insane. Talk about destroying Cruz Bay. Yikes. Yes I think a 900 foot pier is just what we need! Definitely ruin the north side beach with a 35 foot boardwalk, well lit of course. Yes lets destroy our island for the very small minority that arrives here by sailboat. Pump out station yes but put a small marina over with the car ferries. I had no idea that the plan was for a “new and improved Red Hook” look. This is like Serenusa meets the waterfront.
    All I hope as more of these type plans surface is that the residents get to vote before anything is approved.

  2. I agree with Patrick’s comment. The appeal of Cruz Bay is that it doesn’t have docking for private boats. They need to think about the heritage of that bay and not try to modernize it so much as to change the current appearance of the bay. Yes, it can be an inconvenience for sailors, but they’ve been anchoring in Cruz Bay for how many decades. Slips over where the car barge comes would be more reasonable. And, as far as a boardwalk along the beach of Cruz Bay, that’s simply unbelievable. What are they thinking?!

  3. Please! Please! Leave it all alone. How many times have things been ruined by developing? Or should I say Overdeveloping. People come to St. John because of the casual atmosphere. Let’s not mess with it. If someone wants a more built up island, there are plenty of others to choose from.

  4. Leave the peace and serenity of the island alone. That is what has kept us coming there for the last 11 years!!
    Penni & Erich

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