I Have a Frog Living in My Toilet.

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We’re going to take a break from the norm today and share a little story about island life.

I have a frog living in my toilet. True story.

I had a house guest back in February who told me there was a frog in the kitchen. It must be a lizard, I assured him. Nope, it’s a frog, he said. I went in the kitchen and he was right. I scooped up the little fella and put him outside.

Well he came back. Or perhaps he sent a friend or family member.

Earlier this week I went into the bathroom and jumped when I saw something move in the toilet. I looked a bit closer and it was a cute little tree frog all swimming around. He was pretty much loving life. I turned around to make sure my dog wasn’t around (he loves to chase things), and when I looked again, the frog was gone. Gone! I flushed the toilet just in case he needed some extra help.

Fast forward to last night. The. Same. Darn. Thing. Happened. He’s back!

I went to the kitchen to grab some Tupperware to fish him out and when I returned, all I saw was his little foot swimming away. Ugh.

I closed the lid and went to bed. Thankfully I have two bathrooms.

It’s now Saturday morning. I went into the frog’s bathroom and lifted the lid. No frog. Yay! I flushed the toilet, you know  just in case, and guess what … a frog went flying down the toilet! Thank goodness I did this before I attempted to us the toilet … could you imagine??!! Ugh.

Perhaps this guy’s confusing my toilet with the pool at the Westin? Either way, I’ll keep you all posted. Ahh, island life.

7 thoughts on “I Have a Frog Living in My Toilet.”

  1. At the villa we rented last year, we pulled off the grill cover, only to discover a big, green frog. We used a spoon to guide him off of the grill, so we could cook. Every night, for 9 nights, he came back to the grill. He was beautiful ! Hope he’s back this year!

  2. Stayed up calabash boom our second trip I think it was. Low and behold 3-4 in the morning and and that huge ass frog jumped right out of the bowl from under me landed on the middle of the seat and none the less was wearing a cape!! Let’s just say I think STJ woke up to me and not the roosters that morning. Ahhh… 7 trips later I’d take the island life and frogs in the toilet anyway if it’s in STJ. Thank you for sharing this I think it is hysterical. Cheers

  3. While vacationing a vew years ago on Tortola I had 3 tree frogs in the toilet in our bathroom and a huge Cuban frog in the ourside toilet. Love island life !!

    We did have a tree frog in our shower one year up on Bordeaux Mtn. Love it!!

  4. On St Thomas I had an iguana that would come into the house for a bit. Frogs, lizards, iguanas….I think one of the may perks of island life.

  5. We had borh a gecko & a tree frog in our home on stj last winter. Tree frog lived in our shower, somehow fit in between a screen door & the wall. Impossible to catch but one day, during my shower I turned the shower head his way & he left. The gecko lived in a indoor palm & even had a bottle cap of water daily. From time to time he climbed a wall or scared me in the bathroom. Last day in the house, he was just outlined on a screen looking out. He let me remove the screen & put him out. I think most of his life was inside & he didn’t know what to do on our porch but after a bit, jumped on a chair & disappeared. Great house guest!!

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