Hurricane Earl: the morning after

Spicecam1 The weather is overcast in Cruz Bay but the St. John Spicecam is back in business. 

Some may say the dinghy dock is repairable; it sure did get beat up.  Surprisingly, moored boats in the harbor are still moored. The camera shows no boats or debris washed up on the beach.

None of the other island webcams (Villa Serendipity at Chocolate Hole, St. John Brewers, Amarosa/Peter Bay) were showing much at 10:15 a.m.

Chain saws, hammering, and the voices of folks cleaning up limbs and debris can be heard around the island.  The entrance to Fish Bay has been blocked by a few downed trees.  A resident at Mamey Peak said she heard trees cracking during the later part of the storm, Monday afternoon.

Crabby of Coral Bay said  he was able to stay ion touch during the storm. "Everyone I've been in contact with still has hard-line phone service — and that is great news."

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