Christmas spirit at St. John Prom

Hundreds of locals, and The Inquiring Iguana hopes some visitors, partied hard at St. John's Mongoose Junction and the annual All-Island Party, most often referred to as "The Prom."

It's kind of a kickoff to the holiday season, with lots of fun and beverages, with music provided by Innervisions.

On hand to document the event was Laurence Maultsby and Emily Caspe of Accidental Photography. This is the first time the Iguana's seen his work and it's good!

Together they do weddings, portraits (people and pets!), "kitchen sinks and everything else," according to their Web site.

Maultsby went to the Prom on assignment from the Sun Times Magazine and took dozens of photos which you can see here.

On his blog, he added, "Prom wasn’t all photo booths and drinking, there was also a pretty stellar fire show that went down.  Fuego, Christopher, and Jen, did a pretty kick ass job of wowing the crowd."


9 thoughts on “Christmas spirit at St. John Prom”

  1. People drinking, smoking, acting out, gang signs and evidence of intended debauchery. What kind of holiday party does this represent? Where are our morals? Public displays like this give the Islands a bad reputation and decrease tourism. I pray for the day when drinking will go the way of tobacco use on the Island-in the privacy of your home only! Not for public consumption. I didn’t know anyone had a necktie on St. John.

  2. I wish for the day when others don’t try to force their morals on others, but alas people like Jim will always exist. I very much enjoyed the holiday party. It was so great to see everyone all dressed up, having a great time. I didn’t see a single argument or confrontation the entire evening. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful holiday party for us St. Johnians!

  3. I don’t have any major problems with the juvenile behavior, but what’s really strange to me is that I can’t remember ever seeing ANY of these people before, except for the band members.

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